• Darkness is all that I can see. I can hardly tell if my eyes are open or closed. My head hurts. I feel so lost and confused. Where am I?

    It’s so dark, so cold. The ground under me is smooth but cool and... wet? It feel's like stone but as far as I know there are no stone floors like this in New York. Is this a dream? I’m not sure. I have had so many dreams I thought was real and so many realities I wished were dreams.

    My mind scrambles to try and understand what happened as I pull myself to my knees. Ah, my head.. it hurts so much. It is a muffled pain and not a sharp pain. No, the sharp pain is what I feel in my neck. Okay it’s time to try and get onto my feet. Slowly, very slowly I push myself up until I am up straight. Okay, this is a good start.

    This is starting to feel like this is no longer a dream. But I am still keeping my mind open. Slowly I slide my hand into my pocket to grab my cell phone still trying to remember... well anything. I flip open my cell phone and a dull glow comes from it, enough for me to see I am in a stone hallway. A stone hall way?

    There are no stone hall ways in New York that are not infested with signs and trash cans, for tourists. This looks like it has not been seen by some one for a long time. Either that or they are trying to keep it hush, hush. Maybe this is a dream, at this point I truly hope so. Because in things like this it always turns into a horror movie and I am a girl.

    With that girl part of me fears can creep up at any time and if this is not a dream I might have trouble finding my way back. Well, it seems I have no cell phone reception where I am. So that means I am underground or maybe in a tunnel? But wait, my cell phone has a crack in it. I don’t think it was there before.

    I sigh, annoyed on how much I don’t know and figure I need to start somewhere, so I start to walk. As I do so I start to put things together... My head hurt, I was laying down, my cell phone is cracked and I don’t get any reception. At once it all comes to me and I stop in my tracks....I was walking in the woods just outside New York.