• It took a while for the three of us to recuperate from our injuries due to our previous encounter. After some time, I decided to resume searching for Nathan Sanders. But on the way, the three of us come across another host of enemies---skeletal warriors. These guys are usually reanimated by necromancers or otherwise from death knights in normal terms, but since Rougeport is ruined even with a plague, all the dead residents here will be revived into the undead under orders from Crassus, or so I've heard. Nonetheless, despite our nasty encounter, we did receive a warm welcome.

    [as the three of us are walking through ruined streets looking for Nathan Sanders...]

    Me: So much destruction around here. It feels as if a plague took place.

    Katherine Crane: I've known many T-viruses worldwide, special kinds of T-viruses that turn people into mindless zombies. They say that once bitten or scratched, you might mutate into one yourself in the next seven, eight, or even nine hours. The only way to stop it is to inject some kind of antidote in advance or even after you've been attacked by them, but the antidote will last for a few hours before wearing off. Honestly, these scientists need to come up with better antidotes that makes us totally immune to these viruses.

    Crystal Cheung: Zombies are creepy; I'd rather be at home watching some action movies or even late night game shows than to stick around a town like this. This is really making me sick.

    Me: Eh, we can handle this. We're still alive. I mean, what's the worst that can happen?

    Katherine Crane: Well, we might be probably jumped.

    Crystal Cheung: I doubt there's anyone around here but us only. There has to be another null cha--- [spots a group of dead citizens transforming and reanimating into skeletal warriors] Hey, what's happening to them?

    [me and Katherine begin to look ahead at the reanimated hosts]

    Me: What the hell?

    Katherine Crane: Great, the plague must be spreading faster than I can imagine.

    Me: Dead people now being undead slaves---disgusting!

    Katherine Crane: I hate it when they ambush people like that!

    Crystal Cheung: Aren't there any necromancers nearby?

    Katherine Crane: I doubt it, but even if there were necromancers and other undead sorcerers, I would rather have their heads.

    Me: I hate zombies so much.

    [the skeletal warriors begin to charge at us. We charge back and a clash begins]

    Me: [two of the skeletal warriors come after me, but I was able to deflect their attacks and knock their heads off. A third comes running after me, but, using martial arts knowledge, I flipped it over and kicked its head off] Yeah! What else you got?

    Crystal Cheung: Look out! [she blasts the skeletal warrior coming at me from behind using her water balloon ring]

    Me: [almost affected] I didn't see that coming! Thanks!

    Katherine Crane: [fighting with a few skeletal warriors] I could use some help over here! [one of the skeletal warriors slash her in the abdomen] Aaaah, damn!

    Me: [subdues the undead with guns and shruiken]

    Crystal Cheung: [hornet's nest at RR4. She runs up to Katherine] Kat, are you alright?

    Me: [wish ring]

    Crystal Cheung: [bandage ring]

    Katherine Crane: I need some time to recuperate, before I can---

    [the three of us see another group of skeletal warriors in the distance... a larger one]

    Katherine Crane: Oh, come on! There's more?

    Crystal Cheung: How many do you think there are?

    Me: They're growing too numerous. I have no idea how can we get past all of them.

    Katherine Crane: But there has to be some kind of refuge around here.

    [the skeletal warriors begin to charge at us, full speed]

    Me: Aw, s**t. Here they come!

    Crystal Cheung: [helps Katherine to her feet] We have to go!

    Me: Back to town square!

    [the three of us begin to flee only to encounter another group of skeletal warriors]

    Me: Aw, man! I think we're completely surrounded!

    Crystal Cheung: But what about Jade, Antonio, and Murray?

    Me: We'll have to find them also. Hopefully, they're not killed!

    [the first one we encountered recently is now ambushed all of a sudden. We notice thirteen survivors coming at our distance, subduing the undead. Eight of them are S.W.A.T team members]

    Crystal Cheung: We're saved!

    Me: Almost! We have to fight!

    Katherine Crane: David, Crystal, look ahead!

    [we also notice Jade Watts, Antonio Barerra, and Murray Goldbeard charging at the second undead group... together with their troops]

    Crystal Cheung: We're saved!

    Me: But we can't just leave them! I'll take the first group while the two of you take the second!

    Katherine Crane: I'm on it! Let's go, Crystal!

    Crystal Cheung: I'm right behind you!

    [pretty soon, a second clashing battle begins thanks to rescue that came just in time]

    (End of Chapter 7, Part 1)