• Nathan dragged himself out of bed the next morning, his phone ringing.
    "Mmmhmmm, hi... who's this...?" He said, rubbing his eyes.
    Nathan nodded,"I cut class, sheesh.. yeah.. okay.. mmhmm... i'm going.. gah.. ok...bye...sheesh." He snarled and closed his phone.
    "Teachers" he mumbled. He got ready. He got a black shirt, some white skinny jeans, and some black boots. He brushed his teeth and ran outside. He had toast.
    "Oh! Dude!" A yell came from his now girlfriend, Kayla. He blushed madly, and ran to her. He wrapped her in a tight hug.
    "O-Okay..cannot breatheee....NATHAN!" She squeaked. He let her go, "Oh. Sorry~" He laughed and wrapped his arm around her. "So what you wanna do today? After school?"
    He grinned.
    "Er, I wanna go somewhere." Kayla answered, with a cute giggle.
    He laughed as they entered the school"Huh, somewhere.. my house?"Nathan asked.
    He grinned, and Kayla nodded.
    "Kayla! Get your a** down here!" Nathan's mom yelled. Nathan and Kayla froze in place. They walked down the stairs together, holding eachothers hands tightly
    His mom had a knife. Nathan started sweating from nervousment. His cyan eyes darted.
    "Y-yes?" Kayla stuttered going behind Nathan
    "What are you doing here?"
    "Im with Nathan"
    "Hmm, want to eat?"
    "S-sure?" Nathan and Kayla said. His mom through the knife at Nathan's stomach. He gasped and fell
    "What the F*CK?!" He growled, and gasped at the same time.
    His mom ran out the house.
    Kayla kneeled down to Nathan,"What the hell?! NATHAN! Are you alright..?!" She cried
    "Yeah..." He said sarcastically.
    She grabbed his arm and helped him up. She ran to the hospital with him. She wanted to be with him and not with a slow driver.
    Nathan fell down and pulled out the knife. He lost too much blood.
    "Kayla.." He gasped.
    "I'm Sorry."
    "No! dont be! Are you OK?!!??!??!?"She yelled. She cried and buried her head in his chest.
    Slowly, Nathan passed out.