• "Oh wait a minute!" I exclaimed. "I'm on a team with your relative. Neji Hyuuga?" I asked, but her face kind of looked afraid. "What's wrong, you two don't get along much?" She started to twiddle with her fingers while she answered the questions.
    "He's my c-c-cousin," She was now looking down at the ground. "Y-You could s-say we don't get along much, I-I guess," She answered me with that stutter she could get rid of.
    "Oh well that's too bad because he is a bit of a jerk anyways," I said starring towards the sky thinking about him a bit, till I noticed it had been silent a bit too long, and then blushed myself. "Oh well uhm. ......." I lost track of my thoughts. "What were you going to do since I bumped into you?"
    "I was heading for the lake," She said without a stutter for once.
    "Oh well that sound nice," I smiled. "Well I kind of have to restock my fridge now. So I guess I'll see you sometime else?" I just picked up the bags I left on the ground and looked at her for an answer.
    "Uh, yeah I guess so......." Hinata said, then noticed the ferrets on my shoulders. "Are those ferrets p-part of you ninja jutsus?" I looked at both of them, and smiled.
    "Yeah they are. I'd usually transform them during a battle into weapons, but now I' starting to carry the real ones," I said smiling at her. "I'm a bit violent when it comes to fighting enemies, ya could say," She seemed a bit taken aback by this that I'd so nice, yet violent.
    "Uhm.......... Akane?" She had a question on her mind but was too shy to ask.
    "Yeah Hinata?" She seemed like such a nice person to begin with I could never see her in hurting anyone.
    "W-Would y-y-you like to come t-to the l-lake with me?" She asked so shyly like I'd turn her down in an instant.
    "I would like to come," I told her smiling, and then I remembered the groceries. "Could I meet you there, or something I need to put this food in my fridge back at the apartment. She smiled slightly and nodded. "Okay then, I'll meet you there kay?"
    "O-Okay Akane," She said walking the way she needed to go and then I went my way, heading to my apartment.

    The next day I was sentenced to basically doing nothing, so I started walking around the village, kicking a can. Fun, fun, endless fun. I spotted Kakashi in the cemetary but didn't approach him - I would probably dissolve into tears, beggng for him to train me. Doing nothing was making me stir-crazy. Walking over to the hot springs, I saw a man crouching behind a bush, with a long, bushy white ponytail and a red outfit. He was grinning from ear to ear, peering through a telescope. I stood nearb, folding my arms. "What are you doing?"
    "Ooh, is that a lady's voice I hear?" the man swiveled his head around. He had an odd headband and two red marks that went down his face. "Oh. Eh, you're too young to research. Come back when you're eighteen." He then turned back to what he was doing.
    My face flushed. "Are you some kinda perv?!'
    "Kid," he said, looking at me exasperatedly. "First of all, get this straight. I am not a perv." he drew himself up to full height, towering over me. I tried not to look as impressed as I felt. "I....am a super perv!!"
    I raised an eyebrow. "Really."
    "You haven't heard of me?" he snapped his telescope shut. "My, i'm surprised. Most young ladies are fangirling over my with their sparkly posters and whatnot."
    "Well...who are you?" I asked, folding my arms.
    His eye twitched in frustration. "You've never heard of the Three Legendary Sannin?"
    A long silence. "Nope."
    A sigh. "That's insulting."
    "Unintentionally." I peered up at him curiously. "So what are they?

    Me and Hinata and a great day at the lake talking about a lot of stuff. At the end of the day we both had to leave, and went our separate ways. After the peaceful night without my brother barging in. I woke to a tapping on my window, and my brother Juro's face squashed up against it. I opened it so he could come in and he fell to the floor. "What are you doing here again?" I questioned, waiting for a reply.
    He rubbed his head which took the fall for him. "Wellllll," He said holding the word. "I came to drop this off!" He said holding out a box to me.
    I took it and then shook it next to my ear a bit, but didn't hear anything.
    "What is it?" I questioned again. "It's not fragile is it?"
    "I'm not telling you what it is because you can't open it till you get through the chunnin exams!" Wait what did he just say.
    "Chunin exams?" It was a rhetorical question. "Uhm okay then nobodies told me about that yet," I set the box down on my bed and left it there walking towards the door. "I have to go anyways," I told him heading towards the bathroom to change quickly, and came out heading to the door. Pulling my long red hair up in a ponytail. "I'm going to meet up with my team today for a meeting, and," I turned to see him gone. Why must he always disappear when I'm talking? I got to the meeting spot for our team which was a little grill and bar area. Walking in I immediately saw Guy and Lee in their green jumpsuits. Getting closer I couldn't help but notice the scowling Neji in the corner of the seat.
    "Hi," I said giving a small wave at the team, and taking my seat at the end of the table.

    Jiraiya was now sitting across from me in a little restaurant, cradling a glass of water in his hands. By his irritated expression I could see he probably wanted to order some alcoholic beverage, but was stopped by my age and his moral concious. I sipped quietly at a small bowl of curry.
    "The Three Legendary Sannin are the three most powerful ninja in the world." he said. "To put it bluntly."
    "And you're one of them."
    "Yes. Along with my old teammates - Tsunade and Orochimaru. You heard of them?"
    "I've heard stories about Orochimaru. But that's all." I set down my spoon. "Who trained you?"
    "The Third Hokage."
    My eyes got wide. Jiraiya leaned against his hand and turned to stare at a perky young woman who sauntered by. "Yep, your Hokage trained us three sannin. That was at least forty years ago."
    I raised an eyebrow at him. "So a fifty something Sannin is spying on bath houses?''
    "Hey, I already told you!" he slammed a hand on the table. "That was research! When are you going to let that go?!"
    I grinned at him, before shoving my bowl aside and propping an elbow up on the table. "Hey, I want to see how strong you are. Arm wrestle."
    Jiraiya stared blankly. "You're kidding me."
    "Nope.I just want to see."'
    He propped his own elbow up on the table and took my hand. "Have you always been this rude?"
    "Have you always been so...interested in your research?"
    He grinned. "Let's just get this over with. And for the record, I have." A pause. "On three."
    "One...." I tensed, bracing my other arm on my knee, under the table. "Two..." I took a deep breath. "Three."

    Guy had started talking. "Okay everyone's here, and it's time I tell you all about the chunnin exams coming up. Akane doesn't know but I held you three back for a year," he said motioning towards Tenten, Rock Lee, and Neji. "The reason why I did this is to get your skills more advanced," He said crossing his arms, smiling. "Which I've done a youthful job at!" Guy said proudly.
    "Yes you did Guy sensei!" Lee backed him up.
    "Thank you Lee. Anyways this chunnin exam you three....... uhm I mean four," he corrected himself glancing over to me." have to take is too see if your ready to become a chunnin and it's being held here in the Leaf Village!" It seemed so fast from graduating to become a gennin, now the chuunin exams! "Anyways, I want everyone up and early tomorrow at the training grounds, at 5:00 a.m.!" Everyone but Lee groaned at the thought of having to wake up so early in the morning. "Okay everyone that wraps about everything up. So get training, and bring your youthfulness with you!" He said getting up to leave. "I on the other hand have a challenge against my rival. Kakashi!" He then ran out the door enthusiastically.
    I looked at everyone else as they got up, and I followed. I looked towards Tenten, " Why does he use the word youthfulness so much?" It was something that I'd always thought of but never got the chance to ask.
    "Nobody nows why," She said shrugging her shoulders. "Maybe to make him seem weird I don't know," She said.
    "Uhm okay then," I said pausing for a while afterwards. "Well I think I'm going to the park again. See you later then Tenten," I told her as we both left. Now maybe I can get control of my ocular jutsu a bit more.

    Not a half a second later after he said three, pain exploded in my arm. One minute later I was staring at the table, which was broken in half, and clutching my wounded arm and hand close to my chest. The people in the restaurant were casting us odd looks.
    "Okay." I breathed. "You're a Sannin."
    He shrugged. "I tried to tell you. You had to learn about my awesome, girl-attracting strength the hard way." As he said this, he flexed an arm.
    The girl he had stared at walked over to the destroyed table, wearing the restaurant's logo on her t-shirt. "You'll have to pay for that," she said.
    "Will do!" he pulled out his wallet, which looked like a little red toad. "How much, dollface?"
    "Three hundred dollars."
    Jiraiya's jaw dropped. "W-what?"
    "That's for the table and the food."
    Jiraiya turned to me, and jabbed an accusing finger. "This is all because of you and your stupid curry!"
    "What? It was only like six dollars! Just pay up you cheapskate!"
    The lady looked from me to him. "Are you his granddaughter?"
    "What?" Jiraiya glared at me. "There's no way I'm related to her! And I'm not even that old!"
    "You're like, fifty something." I said, folding my arms.
    He glared at me. "Shouldn't you be training somewhere? Go bug your sensei."
    I shook my head. "I have two and they refuse to train me today."
    "No wonder. You're annoying."
    "Not because of that! Because I passed out."
    At this the Sannin raised an eyebrow. Both of us forgot the waitress was there. "You passed out?"