• RokuJinShou - The Demon in an Angel..

    “Your dad… your guild... they all left you…”

    “N-no… THEY DIDN-“

    “They act like they love you… but they don’t… now you’re alone…”

    “N-no… Papa… he wouldn’t put me through that again…”

    “Well he is… and so am I…”

    “NO DON-“

    “ANGELMAY!” A guard came in, his name was Shadow. “Stop talking to yourself… You’re in this cell for a reason…”

    “Let me out… please...” I cried this to him.

    “Why should I…” Shadow said…

    Just as my father, Raul came along, I muttered. “I… feel so alone…”

    “You’re in here because you lost it AngelMay… I love you still but I can’t afford you attacking another person in this guild.” I heard the familiar voice. I jolted up and ran towards him to hug him, but just as I got near him… Shadow grabbed me and threw me back at the wall.

    Tears hit the hard rocky floor… and the cell closed again. I didn’t mean to attack him… He’s like my brother… but I did anyway… It was an accident. “I DIDN’T MEAN TO HURT CLOUD!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs,and I felt dizzy and drowsy… All I saw next was a black curtain of nothing, and I was out cold.


    I woke up, chained to the wall. I hated these chains, they hurt my wrists and made it hard to breathe. “Uh… my head.” I said, trying to look up, but all I saw was the dark room. The same sound of water dripping from the ceiling, it must have just rained. I could hear Shadow outside whistling to himself.

    It had been a month since the attack. “S-shadow…” I said,with my head down. “What is it AngelMay?”

    “H-how is Cloud doing?” I asked, my same worried tone.

    “Better… He is now training again.” That was good news, the only good news since I had been put in this cell. My tail looked like it had been bathed it dirt and someone has moved the fur up and down with a wire brush. Her left ear had a nic in it, and her ears had scabs on them from her itching them. “Sh-shadow… do you think you could let me down and at least give me something to drink? I know it’s not meal time… but my throat burns.” I asked looking up. “Yes, but only because you’re the princess.” I knew he only said this so the other prisoners wouldn't start going nuts. He walked into my cell, and uncuffed me. I sighed with relief and rubbed my wrist. “Hey, King you still down here.” Shadow asked with his deep toned voice. “Yeah.” He said his tone like a silent bell. “Get AngelMay some water.” Shadow said and King nodded and ran off. “Shadow, will you ever let me out?” She asked and he put a hand on her head and sighed. “I don’t know that’s all up to your father.” I could feel my ears go down. Father said he still loved me… but did he really?

    King came back with no water. “Where-” Shadow started. “The King wants AngelMay in his court…” I was shocked and realized. Shadow cuffed me up, I wasn’t happy about that… Shadow got me to stand up and walked me past King. He walked behind us as we headed to my father’s courts.

    “I hope the best for you Angel…” King said, and disappeared.We arrived in the courts and as Shadow about pushed me to my knees, but my father stopped him. “Uncuff her, so I can speak to my daughter normally.” Shadow did as he was told. I jumped into my Father’s arms. “Please stand outside Shadow.” He bowed and went out, Rimle and Shin weren’t here as usual. “My daughter, the prison really took it’s toll on you…” He said to him in a comforting tone, the throne beside his that I used to always sit in, look the same as the day I lost control on Cloud. “Yes, Father. It did. I really miss being here in the courts with you.”

    “I know you do, but I don’t know how soon I will be able to let you out…”

    “Papa may I ask you a favor…” I asked, my tone getting crackly. “Yes anything, sweetheart.”

    “Can you get me some water?” I asked. “Of course we already have a pitcher for you.” He said and let go of me. I was losing much weight in the cell. I looked unhealthy. When he handed me a cold glass of water, I quickly drank it with relief.

    When I got done drinking the water, I could hear my father sigh. “Papa, please don’t be sad… It’s my own fault that…”

    “No it’s not your fault… it’s… oh nothing, Let’s just talk for awhile, sweetheart.” My father said to me. He walked to his throne and sat down, he patted my throne’s arm, I walked over and sat down…

    We talked for what felt like hours, I knew it was becoming night, and I would have to go back to the cell soon. “AngelMay, I would like you to go change your dress and get yourself fixed up before you go back to the cell, Shadow will escort you.” The moment my father said this, Shadow was in his courts and bowing. I walked up to Shadow and it he cuffed me. “Bye Father.” I said with a smile, it pained me that he didn’t even kiss my forehead, like he always used to. I tried not to cry…

    Shadow took me to my bathroom, and he uncuffed me, I went and took my bath and got into a new dress. It was long and light blue, which was my favorite color. Being the princess, I had no other clothes than dresses,except my battle armor. I walked out of my room and Shadow cuffed me once again, I hated all of this.

    He took me to the royal doctor’s chambers. They put healing cream on my ears and wrapped them; the bath did wonders on them and my tail.They looked through my bushy fox’s tail to find some cuts. They told me that I would just have to let them heal though. After all this, I thanked and curtsied to them, but they didn’t bow back, that really helped my unwanted feeling.

    Shadow look me back to my cell, refreshed and not ready to be in the dark again. He un-cuffed me and threw me in my cell. I sighed when I hit the ground. I looked around in the dark room, I had grown to it though. When I had first been in here, I cried and begged Shadow to let me out, I was terrified something would come snatch me. That was weeks lost of sleep… what a pain.

    I crawled back to my wall and curled into a ball. I hadn’t put my hair up; it was freezing cold in the chambers, so I needed some warmth on my neck and ears at least. I didn’t want to get sick.

    Sitting in this cell made me miss going about me and my father’s kingdom, and donating to performers, and talking to the people, and playing with the kids… I looked down as I felt these memories squeze at my heart.

    There went the tears falling again. I wondered when the next time I would be able to see my best friends, Cloud and Dante, again… Would Cloud even forgive me? Did he even think of me as his best friend anymore?

    Dante walked up to Shadow, just as I thought this. Fear of him hating me for what I did to Cloud crept over my face. Shadow nodded and slowly opened my cell, I uncurled from my upright ball. “Hi Angel, I see you’ve gotten fixed up.” He said with a smile and knelt down in front of me. “Hi, Dante-kun, how are you,noble knight?” I said, with a friendly smile. Dante hugged me and I hugged him back, happy he at least did that. “I am well, Princess.” He said to me, he was the first person I had saw in since my imprisonment, besides Shadow, that still treated me like the princess. This made me happy. “Dante, sir, we must go.” Saber, one of the other knights, had come to get Dante. I frowned at this when he looked at Saber and nodded. I smiled when he got up and looked at me. He bowed to me. “I must be going, Princess Angel.” He said and waved bye as he walked out of the cell and Shadow closed the door. I heard the loud locking noise. Why were my visitors coming and going so quickly lately? I really wished someone would come and tell me the latest news, even father wouldn’t update me.

    “Don’t worry about the outside world, Princess May.” Shadow said to him, barely glancing my way. I sighed when he turned away. I kept feeling my heart squeeze in my chest. I felt the rage of before weld up inside me. I screamed and attacked the door of my cell. “Guards help!” The other guards at other cells came to help. “Get the king!” Shadow told a guard that ran off immediately to get Raul. When I was away from the door, Shadow opened it and tackled me and held me down. “Let me go! LET ME GO!!!!” I screamed, it made my throat hurt, my heart was feeling empty, I was hurting inside, and my self control was locked away in a cage of my soul.

    My father soon arrived, with Benihime, an alchemist in our kingdom. I was crying, my eyes were slowly becoming red, and my mark was glowing. It hurt, a lot. “Shadow move your hand!” Benihime barked at him, he quickly moved his hand to my shoulder. My father came and rolled up my sleeve to relieve the mark. The mark looked like there were cracks in my skin, like I was a dry piece of earth. Benihime put a seal over my mark and started saying a spell. It made the pain worse and worse as she spoke. My father and Shadow were trying to comfort me. When she was done speaking, I stopped screaming and I looked at my father, who has holding my hand, and my body went limp. “King Blue, I hate to say this, but I’m starting to think that, keeping AngelMay here in this cell, is just causing that mark to act up even more. It seems like it feeds off her pain, and her loneliness.”

    “That’s why you are, you are to keep her company.”

    “And sometimes I can’t…” Shadow said, picking me up bridal style. “Including lately, I’ve been very busy, I am the head knight after all.”

    “Visitors though---“

    “Visitors don’t help her….”

    My father sighed at the truth. The pain on my face made him hurt. Right now all I could see was darkness, but I could hear everything they said somehow. Soon though, that voice came back…

    “You’re worthless, you can’t even keep yourself together and under control.”

    “Be quiet… go away.”


    “I don’t care what you think…”

    “You know You do, May.”



    My body cringed and shivered. “Take her to her room, Shadow.”My father said, he couldn’t stand it anymore. “Yes, my highness.” Shadow said and took me to my room.