• A great story of the greatest swordsman ever.
    Connor Stray
    The Demonic Omen
    Chapter One: The Beginning
    Once there was a good young man, who worked in a farm, made good profit, fed the family and was usually a =n honest businessman. Basically, he is a man among boys. But while he was resting in a makeshift hammock, a dark fog of black liquid and red sparks slowly drifted into the area, and with his brother working as a mercenary, he couldn't fend away the wraiths that quickly emerged from the depths of the fog. He nearly perished, but luckily, his cousins and elders saved him just in time. He and his family were the only ones who escaped. They had only a cart led by one horse who was ill. Zachary, his little cousin, asked if they should put it down, however Connor loved that horse, so they let it just keep huffing and puffing while pulling the cart after some medicine was applied. They found a city that accepted their village's money despite the fact that they were from a different country. With little money, however, their last resort was... a fighting tournament. Because Connor's occupation was both a philosopher and a blacksmith he had a sturdy iron hammer. He reluctantly handed Zack chrome dagger so he could fight as well, but the family refused.. Connor's mother could only mend woulds, and Zoey was a wee girl of 6. Zaden was only a 3 year old. A short walk was the easyiest part of their journey.

    Chapter Two: The Breakthrough
    The first match for Connor was a battle with a scrawny Elvin archer who had only stone tipped arrows. He wasn't very confident. "Oh Palutina... please be ready for me to join you in the heavens..." the lad spoke with a tone of regret and sorrow.. Connor felt he should finish him quickly to move on, but the bean pole of an elf did actually have some skill. A barrage of arrows were shot, and while Connor dodged most of the arrows he was struck by a blunt bolt and was downed for a time. After thinking of all of the things that happened to him, Connor released the primal rage of an ancient power he did not yet understand. The floor around him was starting to shift, his hair fading white, his pupils dilating and eyes turning a bright shade of blue. The crowds gave a whoop as Connor charged toward the petrified elven boy. The elf attempted to draw a training sword of wood, but Connor smashed the lad's bow and knocked out the boy. Connor, about to finish him, remembered the slaughtering of his friends he dropped the hammer and mumbled, "What.... what did I.... how,,,,?"

    Chapter Three: Forgiveness
    Simply walking away from the boy made the coliseum owners release their beasts. A lion, a bear, and their tamer, wielding a greataxe. Realizing the beasts would attempt to feast upon the boy's flesh while he was out cold, Connor took a defensive position in front of the reluctant lad. First the lion charged in, trying to prove dominant, but in reality it was no match for Connor. He only swung once when the lion died and the bear charged. Knowing the bear was too large, Connor remembered that in the mountains near his home, bears would run from things (or people) or moved around and made noise. Connor yelled a Celtic war cry, "Chun ghlóir agus síocháin don righteous!" while waving his arms like a madman. The beast tamer, terrified, was sure Connor would slay him (which would not have happened) and pulled out his flintlock. A boom, a thud, a pool of red. Victory.