• Deathnote ABC'S
    by ~DeiDannasGirl

    A: Apple which ryuuk loves.
    B: Beyond birthday who creeps me out.
    C: Chocolate which Mello loves.
    D: Deathnote, an instrument of murder.
    E: Energy, which Misa has too much of.
    F: Fan-girl which Misa is to Light.
    G: Game, like the one Near plays.
    H: Hell, where Light is going.
    I: Intellect, which L has a lot of.
    J: Jab, Which light does to L
    K: Kira, needs to be brought to justice.
    L: L, the best detective ever.
    M: Matsuda, the goofiest task force member
    N: Near, has peter pan syndrome
    O: Organized, which Light is.
    P: Pocky, Which L likes
    Q: Quiz, which is easy to L
    R: Robot, toys Near likes.
    S: Stupid, which Misa is.
    T: Tacky, which Misa's outfits are.
    U: Undercover, which Light is.
    V: Vision, Mikami's isn't very good.
    W: Watari, awesome old man.
    X: X-ray, a police tool
    Y: Wh(Y) not love L
    Z: Zebra, One of Near's toys.