• We finally met up with Shandris in the battlefield. We didn't expect things to be easy, but the battle was starting to heat up as Shandris was going over some battle tactics. And it wasn't before long when the British arrived with reinforcements of their own; reinforcements consisting of their Russian allies as well as buzz saws and P3 Predators. Hopefully, we might push back the resistance.

    Commander Shandris: Alright, here's the whole map of the battlefield. [draws various arrows as to point out where certain troops are to take paths and trap enemies within flanks]

    Me: [arriving with the others] So we're expecting an invasion, huh?

    Raymond Findley: The British are returning. They're having reinforcements, so we're expecting it.

    Me: Why?

    Raymond Findley: Because Shandris is planning reinforcements also, and so am I. Her plan is to try and outnumber their forces with more recruits from another High Elven army as well as forces from the Dawn of Asia.

    Soren Whisperwind: So the Dawn of Asia will be joining us?

    Raymond Findley: Not sure. I have no idea if they'll be here just in time. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

    Ada Tekarukite: [to Shandris] Do you see anything?

    Commander Shandris: [looks through telescope] They're approaching. Everyone, prepare your defenses! Get into your positions!

    [everyone gets into their positions]

    Commander Shandris: Soldiers, ready!

    [all of Shandris' elven soldiers stand their ground, ready to fire. Everything grew silent all of a sudden]

    Commander Shandris: Everyone, keep yourselves down and covered! [takes a peek and sees them approaching] Findley, could you come here for a sec?

    Raymond Findley: What is it?

    Commander Shandris: [hands him the battlefield map and shows him the flanking path] I want you to try and ambush them in THIS direction. It should leave the army crippled and unable to call for their reinforcements for a duration of time.

    Raymond Findley: How much time do you need before OUR reinforcements arrive?

    Commander Shandris: Give me at least twelve minutes.

    Raymond Findley: Got it!

    Ada Tekarukite: Here they come!

    [we hear the whirring of saws as well as the approach of P3 Predators]

    Commander Shandris: What? It can't be!

    Soren Whisperwind: Sounds like they've gotten their hands on the animated forces.

    Me: Look again! It's the Russians!

    [everyone peeks, noticing the approaching armies]

    Soren Whisperwind: Damn, they're growing too numerous!

    Commander Shandris: We're not letting even two armies try and stop us. They may try to outnumber us for a while, but we can still---

    [explosion. Everyone gets down. Five of the elven soldiers are killed]

    Commander Shandris: Damn, they've fired! ATTACK!

    [all of a sudden, we spring into action, fighting the British, the Russians, and even the animated forces with all our might. This battle was already heating up since we were almost ready]

    (End of Chapter 9, Part 3)