• The night was dark and stormy. It was going to be easy to fall asleep, like every night, just extremely hard to stay awake. I always have nightmares when I sleep, I have never had a good dream. These nightmares, which is a watered down word to call these visions, were always full of the same things: fire, blood, darkness, ice, and demons. Anyone I tell these too have wanted to try and institutionalize me. I will tell you this: it usually goes with me in a cave, freezing cold, even when the flames and rolling around me, growing, bringing with it the terrible smell of sulfur. It was so hot it made my mouth terribly dry, you won't be able to imagine it, then came the darkness, the flames were still there, they just gave off darkness, not under any circumstance would they give off light. That is what I did as my blood feel to the cave floor. Yep I glowed, which brought the demons. Demons that were so disgusting and terrifying, you would scream thinking about it. The wind is picking up outside, I can hear it howling. After I saw the demons, I would wake up screaming and in cold sweat. I must try and stay awake, I can't sleep, for if I do, I don't know what would happen. I look around my dark room, rain beating on my window, I felt some hit me. I have a leak above me. I close my eyes in reaction to it hitting me.
    When I reopen them, I feel the wind on me, I look around and find myself in the middle of a giant cavern. I felt the water still dropping down on me. Some of it even landed in my mouth, it tasted salty and made me cringe. The wind was getting colder. I moved out of the way of the water dripping down and looked at the ground and saw that I was on a rock in the middle of a lake of frozen (yet it was bubbling so I am not sure what that is) blood. The red crimson was all around me. There was a light deep within the surface. I picked up a rock, it was surprisingly warm to the touch even if the rest of the rocks were freezing cold, and threw it across the lake. It scratched the surface as it skidded across it, but when it stopped it began to sink down. It was like how wake boarder is able to ski across the surface of water at high speeds, but when he stops, he sinks. This gave me hope that I might be able to get off this miserable piece of rock.
    With that I began to run across the crimson plains. When I touched the surface, the red light within seemed to come to life, I just didn't realize it until I was too far away from the rock. The red light was the poor souls that had lost the frozen blood. The wind began to pick up as the souls of the dead came out of the blood and turn into flames. The souls screamed a screech that should have killed me, yet for some reason I was able to keep running. The water above began to drip more and more, The flames were melting the ice that was above me, which I knew was a bad thing since if that was melting then maybe the blood, that was bubbling more and more, and spewing boiling hot blood everywhere, would force me below into Death's grasp, unless I was already dead. The taste and smell of sulfur in the air began to grow and make me choke. I didn't think I would be able to make it.
    I looked back into the flames and saw demons forming out of some spirits. The spirit of a woman, who looked a lot like the Greek, Medea, became a wicked beast that had the wings of an eagle, the head of a tiger, a skeletal body, she also had eyes as bright as the sun. She also had many hearts and veins inside the skeleton spewing blood over the other spirits and demons. Then in front of me was a dark hole, from within terrors from all around the world began to spew out. Flying squids, werewolves, animated liches, manticores, harpies, and all other types of things. I knew my final moments would becoming for then the devil himself, Lucifer, appeared. He called all the entities to halt and then called up a rock from below. That saved me from one type of death, that is the dieing from being boiled alive in crimson red blood. I looked up and tried to speak but I was too shaken with fear. He just looked at me and said, “You have done nothing wrong, yet you have been cursed to be tormented with the sight of this place, so I will give you a choice: First, I can let you go back to your life, but you will be stuck with these visions till you die of insanity, or I can kill you now and be stuck down here for eternity. Which do you wish?” I thought about, then gave my answer. I just wonder, if the choice was yours, what would you have said?