• Chapter 17 passing

    “Alright, today's a free day. So whats the plan guys?” Kagome-san asked. Kira-san's face perked as she smirked playfully.

    “i vote shopping spree,” she said waving her credit cards around. I glanced over at Marco-kun. He was putting his jacket on. His normally silver hair was now his human green. It was down in a ponytail that flared out in the back. He had a very depressed look on his face.

    “i have things to take care of,” he said silently leaving. The three of us watched as the door closed behind him.

    “Who spit in his waffles?” Kagome-san asked. I sighed. Seeing just how short a memory she had. I decided to follow after Marco-kun. I cast my spell and ran after him.

    “Marco-kun, wait up!” I called out to his slow moving body. He turned back to me, waiting for me. I caught up soon enough and we walked. We left the hotel and started walking. The breeze picked up as we strolled down the streets. Heading towards the meeting place. Every once and a while, Marco-kun would stop and stare at places. Wether it be a elementry school, a park, or a corner store. He had overflowing memories of this city. But then again, so do I. We continued walking. Eventually making it to the park. It was still riddled with burn marks and deep gashes in the concrete from where we fought. The wind picked up and swayed marco-kun's jacket. He looked to they sky. His eyes full of fear and depression. We both knew his mother was in a bad way. We both knew, her being in a hospice, was only delaying the inevitable. She was going to die. From our left we heard someone calling.

    “HEY!” Meia-san called. She panted and slowed down. I smiled as she caught her breath.

    “Ohayo, Meia-san” I said looking her way. Marco-kun turned to face her full.

    “Ohayo. Sorry about my attitude yesterday,” marco-kun said lowering his head. Meia-san smiled and waved it off.

    “Its ok Kuno-kun. We better get going though. She...dosent have much time,” Meia-san said. Marco-kun's eyes widened as he heard this. I looked at the two.

    “Then lets not waist anytime,” I said. “Lets get moving”. The both of them nodded and we headed out. Reaching the Hospice in a little under a half hour.

    “Konnichiwa ba-san. We're here to see Kuno-san,” Meia-san said to the receptionest.

    “Hai, chotto matte kudosai,” she said typing on her computer. The three of us waited in silence. I glanced over at Marco-kun. His deep blue eyes were transfixed at the floor. His thunbs moving back and forth quickly.

    “Kuno-san will see you all now. She is room 432” the receptionest said looking at our group. We nodded. Taking our shoes off at the door and putting on the slippers allowed at the door. We walked down two hallways, and up a couple flights of stairs. Finally making it to 432. Meia-san and I looked at Marco-kun.

    “you ready for this man?” I asked Marco-kun. He nodded gulping down the massive lump in his throat, I pushed the door open slowly. We look into the room, where a woman was laying in the bed. Wires hooked up to her nose and arms. A machine monitoring her heart. Marco-kun's eyes looked physically tired. Sunken in and rings under them. He walked in slowly. The woman in the bed looked about her mid 40's. She was very attractive. but she looked very very tired. And malnourished. Her face looked sunken in. and she was breathing slowly. Marco-kun slowly walked into the room. Meia-san was about to go in as well, but I grabbed her arm. She looked into my eyes and could see that I was physically shaken. Marco-kun knelt next to his mother's bed. Her blue eyes opened slowly. Looking up at her son, a smile graced her frail face.

    “Mama-chan. You're here,” she said softly. I felt my heart shattering. I gulped down my own lump. Marco-kun took his mother's hand into his own.

    “Oka-chan. I'm....I'm home,” he said soflty. His body was shacking as he held her soft hand in his own. His mother touched his hand with her other.

    “You have made me so proud Mama-chan. You found the warrior of the land and sky. And you have made friends,” she said looking over at Meia-san and myself. Meia-san had tears rolling down her face, watching the final moments of Marco-kun's mother. She smiled looking back at her son. “Remember Mama-chan, no matter what, always be a gentleman. Brush your tail at least twice a day, and never let anyone push you around. Mama-chan, you are a man now. You can live your life as you see fit. And know that the love of your mama will always be in your heart. Aishiteru (I love you). Ja-Ne(see ya later)” she said gently. Marco-kun's eyes widened. His tears falling onto her hand. As it started to grow cold. Her eyes losing their light.

    “Aishiteru, Oka-chan,” he said. He was hiccuping gently and chocking back tears. He stroked her hand against his cheek. “Sayonara (good bye)” he said gently. She smiled and closed her eyes. A small relese of air from her nose. And then, silence. I lowered my head gently and let tears stream from my face. Meia-san clutched me. Crying heavily. Marco-kun held onto his mothers hand tightly. Crying louder then any of us. He was broken. He was hurt. And no matter how many times I forget this fact, he was just a kid. And no matter how much we could try to comfert him, there was no concoling him. His mother, died holding his hand.

    “Marco-kun,” I said softly. He looked back at me. His eyes red and fresh tear streaks along his cheeks. I looked at him. I couldn't pull him away from his mom now. “We'll be outside,” I said leading Meia-san outside. As we exited, we heard him start crying harder. His howls of pain and agony at the lose of his mother, was heart tearing and unbearable. Marco-kun finished crying, coming out into the hall with Meia-san and I. He nodded whipping his eyes and walking past us. As we departed, something caught my eye slightly. A women walked into the room. It was a quick glance, but I caught enough. She was about Meia-san's height with a strong build. She wore a black hoodie, a long black skirt, and combat boots up to her knee. For a small instance, she looked at me. Her right eye was yellow, and her left eye was gray. A chill went down my back realizing who she was. A death god, or reaper. It only made this harder on Marco-kun. I opted not to tell him. We left the building. A thick haze lingered over us as we walked. It was about 5 p.m. Meia-san said she had to go meet up with her brother and departed our company. So there we were, Marco-kun and I. Sitting in a park on swings. Watching the world pass us by.

    “Sano-kun,” Marco-kun said breaking the silence. I looked over at him. “Dose the hurt ever go away?” he asked meekly. I looked down.

    “No. it never goes away,” I said softly. The images of my own parents charred bodies. He looked to the sky.

    “Hope she's in a better place,” he said softly. The image of that woman shot through my head.

    “Same,” I said gently. We started walking again. Making it back to the hotel intime for roll call. When we went into our room, Kira-san and Kagome san were waiting.

    “And where did you two go? Off to see that little tramp from yesterday?” Kagome-san asked.

    “Yes,” Marco-kun said bluntly. He turned around and started towards his room. Kagome-san didn't like this little attitude as she put it and went to confront him.

    “The hell is your problem!?” she asked grabbing his shoulder. He tweaked out,

    “MY MOTHER DIED HOLDING MY HAND! WHATS YOUR EXCUSE!?!?” he screamed slamming his door shut in her face