• "Ready?" I asked Nala, Titan, and Ikuto. "We need to split up into two teams." Nala said. "Good idea, Me and Darkness go together and you and Titan go together." Ikuto said. "Well, it's decided, lets go Darkness" Titan said, acting as if he didn't even hear Ikuto. Nala took Ikuto's arm and stared at him with her purple eyes "Those two will make a better team than you and her, so just drop it." she said. Nala never smiled, she was always working. Right now, was no exception. Ikuto opened his mouth "No, just shut up. Your on my team." she said. Ikuto shut his mouth and quickly nodded his head. "Alright, Nala and Ikuto, you two need to go up the main buildings left corridor and make it up to the topp floor, if all goes according to plan, me and Titan should already be there." I explained. Nala got on Ikuto's back. I guess I should explain why, she is a witch and can't move as fast as a vampire, so she needs to ride on one, to be as fast as one. They went off at high speed. Me and Titan smiled at eachother and walkedquickly towards the building. "Race you" he said. "If you think your fast enough, doggy" I said and took off. I looked back to see Titan in his halfway form. Only his arms and legs were transformed. We stopped in the middle floor. Workers were walking around in the bright lights. Titan had just caught up and looked around the corner to the people walking around. "Hey?" What are you doing here?" I heard a male vioce say. Me and Titan turned around to see a huge boulder of a man standing in front of us, with a scowl. "Oh...crap!" I thought.

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