• It was yet another day after school and James was troubled. His first friend, Kylel Season, was eager to go home again. It was probably because Flare was there, since he had yet to enroll into the school. Since the only other currently living Pokemon Kylel knew was Flare, there was no wonder that she was attached to him, or a little clingy. The thought unnerved James a little, and he was a little sure he knew why.

    His dad would tell James about his mother and how they were in love. A lot of feelings he described would match James' feelings right now. From what he heard, it would feel nice to be in love. Actually, it would be wonderful to be in love. After all, Dad knew best, and so did Mom's ghost. Heheh.

    "Yo! James? James? Are you listening?" Kylel asked, waving her hand in front of James' face. "Is your arm killing you again?" She crossed her arms and her Eevee ears drooped in a slight annoyance. "Seriously, you really need to stop spacing out. What's wrong? Kitty got your tongue?" Maybe another double dose? Probably. At least it wasn't as bad as the piranha bite.

    A blush suddenly appeared on his face and he had to look away. He could feel his heart beating quicker than it should be. Was this supposed to happen? Was his heart supposed to feel like it was going to explode? And was his face supposed to feel like it was on fire? And was he supposed to be speechless and spacing out far too many times?

    Deciding to think that James' arm was indeed killing him, Kylel just grabbed his good arm and practically dragged him to the ice cream store. What better way to relieve the pain than to get a nice cold treat called ice cream? It was going to be just like the good old times when the two of them would get ice cream after collecting enough lost change from the streets. Actually, Kylel would do most of the searching, but James would sometimes help.

    It didn't take long before they arrived. "You know, if your arm hurts that bad, then you should have told me," she said, dragging James through the doors of the ice cream store. Once there, she walked up to the cashier and immediately ordered the usual: two scoops of ice cream in a cup, one blueberry and one chocolate. Why in one cup? Because it would be like the old times, of course. The two of them did share ice cream at one point.

    After having entered the ice cream store, James had found a table by the window with the best view of the city. It had been his and Kylel's favorite spot when they were kids, especially since it was cold. Somehow, that one year they had been together seemed like a hundred years, and that was a long time.

    When Kylel had returned, James wondered if he should ask her about love. Maybe she knew what it could be. After all, she seemed excited about it before Valentine's Day. Of course, maybe it was better to talk to Dad about it. He was actually in love at one point, so he obviously knew better. Or maybe Flare knew more about teenage love. No, that was probably a bad idea.

    Suddenly, the bell over the door rang and a familiar Flareon entered the store. His presence gave Kylel and James different effects. While Kylel was excited and abandoned the table to glomp the fellow Pokemon, James wished that he would leave. He wouldn't say it, but he didn't like it when Kylel turned her attention towards Flare. It was like she forgot James even existed, therefore she might have forgotten that they were supposed to be eating ice cream together.

    At seeing that Kylel had pretty much ordered another two-scoop cup of ice cream, except the scoops were chocolate and strawberry, James had to put his hand to his heart to stop a terrible pain. It only grew worse when he remembered that Kylel hadn't even started on the original order, which was already starting to melt. Luckily, it didn't look like it melted since their favorite spot was also a very cold spot.

    'Why does my heart hurt so much?' James asked himself as he watched Kylel and Flare sit at a different table. 'My worst fear is coming true. She's starting to forget about me. What if she ends our friendship?' Sighing, James just ate the blueberry ice cream from the abandoned cup, but he left the chocolate scoop untouched. That was supposed to be for Kylel anyway. Chocolate was always her favorite thing in the world.

    When James looked up, he noticed that Kylel and Flare were now sitting at the "Favorite Table", but they were still sharing ice cream, chatting, and not really paying any mind to James. It was probably just a temporary spell. After all, Kylel would never forget about him. She promised, right? They were supposed to be friends forever...

    ...even if one is in love with the other.