• I cant believe it. My mom is getting married again. His name is Hank, sends me and my mom gifts a lot so i guess i approve. He's a nice enough guy, but this is her 6th marriage in the past three years. It really doesnt matter what i think, though. They're moving to California and i'm getting the "opportunity" to go to Luketon Academy. A bording school.

    Sorry, i guess i'm getting ahead a bit ahead of myself. My name is Jhon, pronounced like Joan, and my mom is Tim. Yeah she was born a girl, it's just her nickname. Her full name is really long and very forien sounding so when i asked her when i was little what her name was she only smiled and said Tim. And that's what i stuck with. Mom's smile is the best. when she smiles it shows all of her big white teeth, and it highlights her strong high cheek bones. Her emerald green eyes shine, too. Tim's hair is still naturally blond still, even though she's pushing 40 years old, and it shines in sunlight as well as in the dark. Her hair hangs down to her back, resting onto her toned hips. I don't think I look anything like my mom; my eyes are a dull and depressing grey, like a storm cloud. My hair is a frizzy dark blond that doesn't obey me or any hair product. Body-wise, i dont think im fat, but im certainly no model. Tim is a happy bright spur-of-the-moment type of person, where as I have to think things over for days in order to make the right decision. She says I got that from my dad.
    Tim never talks about him. When I asked her what he was like, her eyes clouded over and she would stare at her feet. Then she brightens, turns to me and says: "Jhon, Im so glad something as good as you could come out of something so bad." I still don't really know what she meant but I've let it go. Well, onto the suitation at hand.