• Did You Hear ? She Made The Playboy Cry !

    Chapter Six: Intoxicated

    Angelina P.O.V


    “Tell me, Angel, I’ll help you make it go away” He promised.

    “You first” I said.


    “Okay .” Zaine agreed “Last year I met-“

    “NO DON’T TELL ME !” I screamed.

    He looked at me shocked, I was breathing heavy I must look deranged.

    “Don’t tell me” I whispered.

    “Why not?” He asked, getting all up in my face.

    I tried to back away but he grabbed my arms and held me in front of him.

    “Why not?” He repeated.

    “I’m not ready, maybe one day I’ll be able to re-tell my story Zaine but not today, I can’t I just can’t. And it’s not fair for you to tell me and me not to tell you so I don’t want to hear it, when I’m ready I’ll tell you, please just give me time”

    I didn’t realize but I’d sunk to the floor, I was on my knees literally begging him, the look on his face nearly broke me, he looked so sorry for me so sad himself. I didn’t want to make him sadder; I needed to stop being so depressing all the time.

    “Okay” He said nodding “I’ll give you time”

    “Thank you” I whispered.

    “Come here” He held a hand out to me and pulled me to my feet “Come on you need a pick me up, I’m sure my mum’s got some Sangria around here someplace”

    I laughed and followed him to the kitchen, it was still daylight but I actually wanted to get p*ssed, I’d been good since we moved, not even a sniff of alcohol. His mum didn’t have anything drinkable. Yeah she had Whiskey, Scotch and all that, we tried it but it was grim, you can’t really do shots with it. We ended up sitting on his couch watching the news. Bummer.

    “You know what I got if you want some?” He whispered.

    “What?” I whispered “And why are we whispering?”

    “I don’t know” He laughed “Stay right here I’ll get it”

    He got up, fixing his jeans and left the room. I picked up the T.V remote flicking through the channels. The Flintstones was on; I hadn’t watched Cartoon Network in ages. I didn’t hear him come back in until he questioned my T.V channel choice with a confused look.

    “The Flintstones?”

    “Yeah Barney’s safe, he sucked Fred’s rock though” I said standing up for myself.

    “What?” He asked incredulously.

    “Sucked, ya know, it’s a new word for steal . Come on Zaine where’ve you been?”

    “Clearly not in the same dodgy areas you hang out in” He teased sitting on the sofa beside me.

    “So what did you get for me?”

    He threw something at me, I caught it. It was a bag of weed. I opened it and sniffed, the stuff smelt good, fresh. I looked up at him smiling. I can’t believe he had this he was rad! Ha ha what does he need weed for? ‘To take the edge off’ he lived in a big a** house. Had plenty of money, friends, girls, what was wrong in his life. His parents were still together.

    “Why’ve you got this?” I asked.

    “It gets you high, so you forget things, things you don’t want to remember” he said looking at me through his eyelashes. They were so thick, so full. So pretty.

    I didn’t want to intrude so I didn’t say anything.

    “Here” He called.

    I caught the roll up sheets he’d thrown at me. I looked at the stuff was I really gonna? Well Angelina you was all set on getting drunk minutes ago, you might as well. I made the roll up, licking the paper to hold it together. I stuck the end in my mouth then realized I didn’t have a lighter.

    I turned to Zaine, he was on his knees, lighter already lit, I held his gaze as I leaned forward and the spliff caught fire. I took a puff and sexily blew the smoke at him. He took it from my mouth and put it in his, still watching me. He blew out; I leaned in catching the smoke, brushing my lips against him.

    I saw him smirk. He leaned in to kiss me but I took another puff, teasing him. It was quiet but I felt like there was music playing, this was a scene straight out a film. Except it wasn’t, me and Zaine weren’t two sex-crazed lovers, we were two depressed teens wiling away time, with each other’s company.


    4 spliffs later, I was so high I was in the clouds. I giggled; the clouds were so fluffy so pretty I just wanted to bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. I rolled off the sofa onto the floor laughing. Zaine was smiling lazily up at me from the couch, still smoking. I looked at the clock on the wall. s**t! I was late to meet my dad.

    I got up “Whoa” I said, I was seeing doubles of everything, it was cool “Ooo, hoo hoo Zaine you have 2 heads” I laughed.

    He giggled “Where you going?”

    “Home, I gotta talk to someone, my doctor, my dad he’s waiting for me”

    “Cool, I’ll drive you back”

    I smiled and stumbled to the car, my feet unsteady, I couldn’t tell which one of my doubles was the real thing or which the hallucination was. I slapped my face a couple times, it kinda helped a little, but my face hurt. Zaine’s driving was crazy, he was going fast, but I wanted him to go faster.

    “Faster, go faster Zaine” I shouted.

    I saw him laughing them thought about what I just said. “Err Zaine, your such a dirty boy”

    We pulled up to the psychiatrists.

    “You’re the one that said it not me; I can’t help it, that’s normally what girls mean when they say those words”

    I smiled at him “Well you won’t be hearing those words from me” I teased hopping down from the car and slamming the door. I walked round the front and blew him kisses through the windscreen; he laughed and shook his head driving off.

    I walked into the building and hopped into the elevator. As soon as it pinged and the doors opened I started running, god dad was going to be so pissed. I skidded round the corner straight into a plant, knocking it flying. I quickly tried to shovel the dirt into the pot. I looked up and saw my dad, I smiled he looked funny.

    He looked at me surprised, his head just looked so weird, I started laughing. He came over to me and dragged me away from the plant. He was hurting my wrist, I twitched and he let go.

    “Are you high?” He asked.

    Giggling I said “Nope” Popping the ‘P’

    “You’re f*cking high Angelina, why are you behaving like this? Where were you?”

    “I was with Zaine dad, I forgot about the appointment sorry I’m late .” I said truthfully.

    “Angelina, what has gotten into you?”

    I giggled “What was in me...haha dad you’re so dirty” I giggled again, gosh he was just like Zaine, what was this annual make a sex joke day.

    He closed his eyes, taking deep breathes, I just stood there smiling waiting for him to take his hands down. He turned and walked away. Walked away from me.

    “Dad where you going?” I called. He pressed the button on the elevator “Dad?” He stepped in ignoring me.

    “Dad don’t leave me!” I yelled as the doors closed.

    He was gone. I stood there waiting for him to come back; it was a joke that was all, daddy was being silly. I waited for almost 2 hours, he didn’t come back. I got in the elevator by myself, well over my high. I was in a daze, I walked out the lobby and kept walking, it had started raining but I was passed caring. I turned into a little park. I sat on the swings.

    The whole scene was depressing, deserted park, dark gray skies, pouring rainfall, a happy couple, kissing by their car as I watched on. It proved how sad and pointless my life was. I tried calling dad, several times. No answer. How was I supposed to get home? I don’t even know where home is, I don’t take public transport I could get lost. I didn’t have my car...damn it was at school.

    I could always phone Zaine, and then what? Tell him my dad doesn’t love me anymore. I suppose I could just sleep rough, I’ve done it plenty of times before, no big deal. But not here, not in this park, somewhere more teenage-runaway looking. I got off the swing and walked to the gate I vaulted over it landing perfectly.

    I took a left and just kept walking; I came to an old warehouse. It looked deserted. I walked to the door I could here whispering on the inside. Someone was in there, I pulled the door open. The lights were immediately extinguished.

    “Who’s there?” Someone called.

    “Erm... me?” I said uncertainty.

    “Who’s me?”


    “Angelina?” The voice said confused.

    The lights flicked back on, I saw Zaine’s three buddies, they were topless and it looked like they were doing drugs. Matthew still had some coke round his nostrils.

    “Hey Matt” I called to him; I lifted my hand and wiped my nose, motioning to him that he had stuff on his face. He caught on and wiped his face.

    “What are you doing here?” Matt asked, I could tell they were feeling very hostile towards me.

    “Looking for somewhere to crash”


    “Yeah, don’t feel sorry for me, it’s not like I don’t have a house, I do, but I just don’t know how to get home and my dad kinda won’t answer his phone so I was just gonna sleep rough and call him in the morning”

    Matt smiled at me “So you’re free tonight?”

    “Yeah?” Where was he going with this?

    “So come out with us tonight, have some fun, Zaine will be there” He said, like that was a pro and not a con, Zaine kept trying to get me to tell him my story.

    “Err, no thanks”

    “Why?” He asked.

    “Zaine” I said, as if it was an explanation, to them it probably was.

    “Oh, well come and ignore him, come on Lina”

    “Fine” I smiled smiling at the guys. I didn’t actually have a problem with Zaine I was using it as an excuse but I suppose it didn’t matter anymore; they got their way I was going with them tonight.

    I walked over to them, I noticed Josh was making four lines of coke, was I expected to snort one? He handed me a little pipe thingy, it looked like I was expected to participate. I saw Henry watching my scared expression.

    “Worried Lina?” He asked leering at me. Gosh I hated that creep.

    “No” I said defiantly, swallowing my fear. I leant forward and snorted up my line. It went straight to my head, whoa.

    I saw the boys looking at me with awe, I smiled and they grinned back, cutting me another line. Jeez I was going to be so f*cked in the morning. We piled into Henry's jeep, I got shotgun, I felt privileged because I sort of got the feeling the guys didn’t like me. We pulled up at an over flowing house, by then it was dark.

    There were no light on in the house, everyone had those neon glow sticks, I saw one just lying on the side unit I picked it up. It was orange. Most people had yellow or green ones so mine stood out. I lost the guys; I surfed through the room to the middle of the dance floor. I wanted to dance.

    I pulled this random guy towards me by his t-shirt and started dancing on him. After a while he got into it, and we were grinding on each other, his hands on my waist, mine around his neck. I didn’t even know him, but when he lent in for a kiss something in me didn’t pull away, I leant towards him, I think it was the drugs.

    I could taste the alcohol on his breath, it tasted like vodka cranberry. It was nice. We stood there in the middle of the floor making out, someone knocked into me as they tried to get passed, pulling my lips away from the strangers.

    “Sorry” A voice I recognized said from behind me.

    I turned to see a very out of it Matt, and a very out of it girl hanging onto his arm, I laughed and slightly moved closer to the stranger so they could past. I turned back to my dance partner he was smiling dopily at me; I was so intoxicated that I found his wasted attitude appealing. I leaned in for seconds.


    I was dancing with this group of girls; I’d long lost my dance partner. Bianca was at the party, she promised to take me home if she wasn’t wasted. I think she was though; she was in the middle of the floor going all out, dancing like crazy. I saw Zaine from across the room, he was watching me dance. I smiled at him and he grinned back.

    I staggered across the room towards him, tripping and falling into his lap.

    “Oops” I said, as his arms locked around me, catching me.

    He laughed “Jeez Angel, are you okay?”

    I shook my head “No, but I don’t care come dance with me”

    I got off him and held onto his hand, pulling him onto the floor, we danced for a bit, a couple hours, before he whispered into my ear;

    “Let’s go somewhere quiet”

    “Okay” I whispered.

    Holding my hand he pulled me through the crowds up the stairs and into a dark room. He switched on the light and I saw we were in the bathroom. I blinked a couple times, whoa that light was bright. He locked the door behind him and pulled me towards him. Cupping my face in his hands, for a second I thought he was gonna kiss me. He studied my eyes before pushing me away. Frowning.

    “What have you taken Angel?” He whispered.

    “Um I-“

    “And don’t try and lie to me” He said cutting me off.

    “I snorted a couple lines with your friend’s earlier okay” I said a bit peed off with him, he was ruining it, I haven’t felt so happy in a while, even if it was artificial.

    “I don’t want you doing that anymore okay, not anymore, don’t do it please” He asked.

    “Okay” I promised, I wouldn’t I didn’t understand why it bothered him so much.

    “I’m tired” He said randomly.

    I looked around, we were in a bathroom. I pulled back the shower curtain and motioned to the bath tub. He burst out laughing before climbing in and getting snug. I sat on the edge watching him. He closed his eyes, and just laid there for a while. Was he really gonna fall asleep? I screamed when his arms shot out and pulled me into the tub on top of him.

    “Will you sleep in here with me Angel?” He asked.

    I giggled “Okay, I’ll go to sleep in an empty bath tub with you”

    I felt him laugh underneath me. I cuddled up to him and he wrapped his arms around me, strangely it was quiet comfortable. I was dozing off when he started humming.

    “Ugh, Zaine go to sleep” I moaned.

    He laughed “You know I like you Angel, your strange and I like that, you make for an interesting friend, strangely I feel close to you it’s weird, your easy to talk to, you don’t judge .”

    “Thanks, I try not to I just think sometimes, who am I to judge?”

    “You’re Angel, my friend .”

    “And you’re Zaine, my friend .”

    “Goodnight, sleep tight .”

    “Same here .” I said yawning. I closed my eyes and that was it for me I was out, sleeping.