• “Oh My God Dominion, Hurry up the portals closing” yelled my best friend as she jumped through the closing portal “I’m coming Liz wait up” I yelled as I jumped through before it closed completely and landed on top of Alexander Chase, the hottest guy at school. “Oh My God, Alex I am so sorry” I said as I he helped me up, laughing as he did so. “Calm down its okay Dom, no harm no foul.” He said as he gave me a one shoulder hug. “Dom, there you are, I saved a cabin for us on the ship.” Said Liz breathlessly as she ran towards us brushing strands of her sea blue hair out of her face. “Oh, hi Alex what’s up?” asked Liz shyly “Hey Liz.” Said Alex with a friendly smile turning back to me he asked “How was your summer?” blushing I recapped my entire summer only holding back the fact that I was now a full vampire.
    As I finished the Captains voice filled the space “All students to their cabins immediately, we are about to set sail.” As the noise level died down the pier went into a flurry of movement as students rushed to get on the ship. “Well, I’ll see you later Alex.” I said as I grabbed Liz’s arm and ran onboard. “Dom, I don’t know why you don’t just ask him to go out with you.” Said Liz exasperated “Seriously he the hottest guy at school and you’re the hottest girl on the planet you to were made for each other, but if you don’t want him I’ll gladly take him.” She said with a laugh. “Liz we’re just friends now lead the way to our cabin so I can get changed.” I said with a laugh shaking my head as I followed her down the long corridors.

    “Liz, pick something were going to be late.” I said with a sigh as Liz finally picked a sea foam blue dress and blue stilettos I rolled my eyes at her “What I needed to find the perfect outfit, you did.” Said Liz defensively I sighed she was right. I had found the perfect silk dress in a stunning shade of blood red. “Dom, you look gorgeous personally I think you could take the throne now if ruling a kingdom was based on looks.” She said nonchalantly I glared at her as a pair of young elves ran past at that moment she shrugged “Sorry Dom I forgot.” She said calmly I glared again and closed my eyes and muttered a few words in a tongue she didn’t know, I knew my hair and eyes had started to change color because of Liz’s startled gasp. Opening my eyes I smiled as I took in the shadow realm and turned towards Liz who was staring at me with fear, ignoring the sick feeling in my stomach that her look gave me I continued. “Liz, you can’t let anyone know that I’m heir to the Vampiric and Wiccan throne this important if anyone knew a lot of people would be in danger okay. I trust you because you’re my best friend and we’ve been through a lot together but if I have to I will erase your memory but I don’t want to do that okay.” I said with a small smile as her look of fear turned to outrage
    “Dominion Avirilla Dragomir how dare you insult me? After all the things we’ve been through now you choose not to trust me Dom I made a mistake okay I’m only human…. kind of it won’t happen again I promise.” Said Liz coldly then with a small smile she continued “Dom, were best friends you have to learn to trust me I wouldn’t ever betray you.” Said Liz sincerely as she looked at me with warm sapphire eyes I blinked back tears as I threw my arms around her in a bone crushing hug. “Liz, I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” I said as I wiped away tears “Now let’s get back to the mortal realm.” I said as I muttered the words that would take us back. As we returned to the mortal realm I realized that time had not stopped and that we were later than ever now. Grabbing Liz’s hand I ran using vampiric speed to get to the ships banquet hall.

    “Damn girl that took less than two seconds.” Said Liz as she redid her hair then looking at me with wide blue eyes she whispered “You’ve changed haven’t you” I looked away unable to answer “You’re a full Vampyre now, an Immortal” said Liz awestruck “Yes I’ve joined the ranks of full Vampyres.” I said grinning at her. “Now let’s get in there I’m starving.” I said showing her my new fangs. As we went in I noticed something strange about the kids they weren’t as noisy and annoying as the normally were actually they looked sad and grim. I grabbed a junior who was walking past she glare at me. “What do want Dominion?” snapped the girl coldly as she continued glaring at me “I just wanted to know what happened.” I said stunned by her attitude “May be if you had been here earlier instead of hanging with the blue bobble head you wouldn’t have to ask.” Said Amy as she glared at Liz, Amy yeah that’s her name. “Hey, who are you calling a bobble head you three headed freak!” yelled Liz as she glared at the girl, the girl sneered at her and turned back to me. “A bunch of Humans attacked three of our schools, the ones where the little ones go to-” she broke off and looked down “No one was left alive.” Said Amy in a pain filled voice “Two of my little sisters were at one of the schools.” She continued shakily as if she was going to cry. “Oh my Gods when did that happen?” I asked breathlessly. “Today, there must have been more than one group of humans.” She said coldly as she walked away muttering obscenities, I watched her go shocked into silence. But Liz had no problem talking .