• Did You Hear ? She Made The Playboy Cry !

    Chapter Nine: Changed opinions

    Zaine P.O.V

    I stood there staring after Angelina after she’d left, my car keys in my hand. I sighed; it wasn’t all that dark out the sun was just setting. I was walking across the parking lot, Angelina was long gone. I was gonna go home, have a shower and sleep, I was tired. I might even phone Amy or Charlotte, well whatever her name was, that brunette girl that I was playing with.

    They materialized out the darkness like ninja’s, there were 3 of them they looked big, muscle-y, except for one. They boxed me in, I looked around, I couldn’t see any of their faces they were all covered. Even though my face didn’t show it I was starting to worry, Wtf? Who were these as* holes.

    “Hey guys what’s up?” I asked trying to remain casual. They didn’t say anything.

    The one opposite me charged me, pushing me into the guy behind me, within seconds he had my arms behind my back. I tried to fight him off, getting one of my arms loose and getting in a few punches here and there but they started pounding me in my stomach, my face, my gut. My skin was raw from the connections of their fists. The pain was a lot. The guy behind me dropped me to the floor.

    He kicked me a couple times before laughing. The skinniest one bent down to get right up in my face, I reached up and pulled away the cap that was covering his face. It was that Jordan creep. His face started blurring and there laughs reverberated in my head. I heard him utter one last sentence before I blackened out.

    “Stay away from Angelina”


    I woke up on the cold hard tarmac. Still in the parking lot, I was sore all over; I couldn’t move without feeling pain, I sat up, grunting out with pain. I struggled to my feet and limped to my car; I slide in and let out a sigh of relief. I looked at my face in the mirror; I had a black eye and a cut on my cheek. How had I let three as* holes like Jordan and his creeps f*ck me up?

    Ugh they were such p*ssies, three on one, I mean come one. If Jordan wanted a fight it’s a fight he’ll get. And at the end of the day, I’ll be the one walking home with the grand prize. Angelina. Jordan had just given me an excellent playing card, I was gonna milk the attack and get as much sympathy out of Angel as I could.

    He could try jumping me again but this time I’ll be on my guard, I was gonna f*ck him up so badly he’ll wish he was never born. I set the car in reverse, wincing with the pain, I was just gonna have to soldier it. I drove home slowly; all the lights were on in my house. Excellent.


    “Omg ! Zaine what happened to you ?” My sister Rosie shrieked.

    I’d just stepped through the door, she was on the step waiting for me, worried I bet. She was the best sister in the world. I slumped to the floor by the stairs; I couldn’t do anymore walking for now I was just too tired and too sore.

    “Urr, Rosie go get mum” I whined.

    She jumped up and sprinted out as fast as she could, she came hurrying back towing my mum along behind her. My mum gasped when she saw me and dropped down to her knees, cupping my face in her hands.

    “Omg, sweetheart what happened to you? Who did this to you?” She asked, her eyes racking over my face. Rosie handed her a damp towel and she cleaned up the dried blood on my face.

    “Jordan...Mills” I uttered.

    Angelina P.O.V

    People everywhere were whispering and pointing at me the next day. I walked down the hallway to my locker and it seemed like every student was looking at me. Wtf was up? I saw Stephanie barreling down the corridor towards me, she grabbed me by the elbow and dragged me along, running full speed out into the back fields.

    By the smokers hut. I turned to her bewildered, the bell for lessons had already gone we were going to be late and that was so unlike Stephanie. She looked excited yet shocked, scared and sad at the same time, what had happened, did someone ask her out? She was analyzing my shocked appearance.

    “You don’t know do you?” She whispered.

    “I don’t know what” I said crossly, why was I always the last one to find out anything?

    “You don’t know about Zai-“

    She broke off the late bell had just gone, her eyes looked alarmed. She took off running full pelt towards the school.

    “I’ll tell you later !” She yelled over her shoulder. I bit my lip and walked slowly towards class. I had English Literature. She was gonna say, you don’t know about Zaine? I was 100% positive she was. I don’t know Zaine what? What could he have possibly done now?

    “Sorry I’m late” I said to the teacher, as I walked in and took a seat at the front by myself.

    I saw people looking at me, or turning to their neighbor to whisper things. I was getting angry now. I ignored them getting started on my work. I worked for 30 minutes solid, the most work I’ve done since I got here. The door banged open. Two armed police officers barged in. Everyone jumped up scared.

    They approached Jordan, pulling him out the chair; I watched in horror as they bent him over the table and handcuffed him. Wtf? Okay someone had some major explaining to do. The police officers grabbed an arm each. The taller of the two said;

    “Jordan Mills you are being charged with assault on Mr. Zaine Lockhorn, anything you do or say could be held against you or used in court”

    I watched with my mouth hanging open as they escorted Jordan out the classroom. Once they left the room was dead silent. That’s when I thought about what the police officer said. Assault. Charged. Zaine! Why the f*ck was I still sitting here? I knew where I had to be now. I hopped out my seat and rushed to the reception.

    “Please can you tell me what lesson Stephanie Phillips is in?” I asked her sweetly.

    “Advanced algebra, room 129 darling” The receptionist said.

    “Thank you” I said before running towards the math block.

    I knocked on her classroom door; I opened it and went inside.

    “I’m sorry sir, can I please borrow Stephanie, there is a crisis and she needs to come with me now”

    Stephanie didn’t even wait for her teacher’s reply she was up and out of her chair like lightning. We legged it to her car. Once we strapped in she looked at me like a mad woman.

    “Take me to see Zaine please” I commanded.

    She smiled “Oh so you heard did you?”

    I explained to her what happened to Jordan as we drove to Zaine’s house, we pulled up and all of a sudden I was scared to get out the car. We were still sort of in a fight what if he didn’t want to see me.

    “Just go, he’s probably wondering why you aren’t there already” Stephanie joked. I laughed and got out the car. I walked up to the house and pressed the bell, the butterflies in my stomach were flapping about.

    A very pretty middle aged woman opened the door. She looked like Zaine she must be his mother. I held my hand out for her to shake.

    “Hi I’m Angelina Sheerwood, I’m a friend of Zaine’s . I came to see him is he alright?” I said peeking behind her to look into the house, there wasn’t another soul in sight .

    She shook my hand “It’s nice to meet you. You must be very special to my Zaine, he wasn’t sure if you’d come visit, he only wants to see you, no-one else”

    I smiled “Silly moo, of course I’d come see him.”

    “He’s in his room”

    “Thank you” I said.

    I walked over to the staircase and walked up them. I walked to Zaine’s door and hesitantly stood outside. Should I go in? I knocked on the door waiting for his reply.

    “Come in .” Was his bored tone.

    I opened the door and slowly edged round. I looked around the room, my eyes resting on Zaine. He had a really bad black eye a deep cut across his cheek. He was lying down in bed watching TV. It was silent, I stood there staring at him, and he laid there watching me. Tears came to my eyes and I cracked a smile. He smiled back and patted the bed next to him.

    “I’m so sorry Zaine .” I whispered, leaning my head against his shoulder.

    “What are you sorry for, it’s not like you did this to me .” He said, running his hands through my hair.

    “It was Jordan wasn’t it? He got arrested today, I saw them come in and take him away .”

    Zaine didn’t say anything. I swiveled to look at him; he was looking at me warily. I saw his gaze flicker down to my arms, my wrists. I felt sick; he was obviously hiding something from me. Something that would make me sad. But I don’t cut anymore; I try really hard not to. I reached up and stroked his face.

    “You can tell me, I promise I won’t do that ever again, I promise I won’t cut, I promise” I said.

    He just avoided my gaze, and held my hand to his face. “It will make you sad .” He whispered.

    “I don’t care, I want to know, what are you hiding from me?”

    “...Jordan did this to me...because of you, he told me to stay away from you .”

    “What? Why would he do that?”

    “Isn’t it obvious, he likes you, he saw me as a threat so, here I am?”

    “So it’s all my fault?” I said sadly looking away from him.

    “No, no, no, Angel it’s not your fault, see this is why I didn’t want to tell you, Angel promise me you won’t do anything to yourself, look me in the eye and promise okay, stop all that because I don’t want to be worrying about you all the time, please don’t .”

    I slowly brought my gaze up to meet his, I looked him straight in the eye “I promise” He smiled, but I wasn’t finished “But it is my fault if I hadn’t kissed him, hadn’t lead him on you wouldn’t be in this position .”

    “Yes I would, me and Jordan have never liked each other, he would have found a reason for him and his gang to jump me, trust me .” He said shaking his head.

    “His gang?” I said my voice rising in pitch.

    “Yeah, there were three of them. You don’t honestly think Jordan himself could beat me up, I’d knock the f*cking sh*t out him, oh no he’s such a w*ss he has to bring help .”

    I laughed “That really winds you up doesn’t it?”

    He nodded. Just then there was a knock on the door, a small girl with a mop of dark brown hair and big blue eyes and a cute button nose and rose red lips, poked her head round the door. Her eyes widened when she saw me and she flashed me a big smile, her teeth were shockingly white. She was going to be beautiful when she’s older.

    She strolled into the room and stood in front of me, from the corner of my eye I could see Zaine watching me intently.

    “Hello Rosie .” I said, guessing that this was his sister; it had to be she was beautiful like him.

    “You know my name?” She said with a slight lisp.

    I grinned at her “Yeah, Zaine told me about you, about how you’re his special girl, and why he got his tattoo .”

    She laughed “You’d seen it?”

    “Mmm hmm it’s very pretty, just like you”

    She pulled me into a hug, her grip was tight, she smelled like flowers.

    “I want you to be my big sister, Angelina you’re so nice and pretty, and Zaine likes you, you could get married and have babies and be my sister .“

    I laughed “You know my name?”

    “Yeah Zaine talks about you all the time, he says your gonna be his gir-“

    “Rosie I think mum’s calling you .” Zaine said from behind me.

    She looked around as if looking to see her mum was in the room, she let go of me and raced out the door. I laughed. Zaine was so tactful. Not! It was obvious he didn’t want her to finish her sentence. I turned to him smirking.

    “So you talk about me all the time huh?”

    He blushed and looked down “Omg .” I said with exaggerated horror “Is that the Zaine Lockhorn blushing, what has the world come to?” I spluttered laughing, he aimed to swat me but I jumped out the way. I liked it when we were like this teasing around and playing with each other, I felt like the other Zaine was back.
    does your friend want to stay ?” Someone yelled up the stairs. Zaine turned to me.

    I shrugged “Yeah why not?” I said before helping him get out the bed. I wasn’t much use he was heavy and I am weak.

    I caught a glimpse of the purple bruises on his stomach, I felt sick some of them looked almost blue others were darker. We hobbled down the stairs together, Zaine looked like he was in pain, but he kept walking, I watched in awe as he climbed down the stairs without even a glimpse of pain on his face. His mum had made chicken fajita wraps, they looked delicious. I took the seat opposite Zaine, next to his sister.

    Wasn’t she supposed to be in school? I let it slide, wasn’t I supposed to be in school myself. It was a nice event, so far I could see that Zaine had it good, nice house, good bit of money, mum that loves you enough to stay, dad that cares enough to stay, siblings.

    Everything that I wanted, I felt something stroke my leg, I jumped thinking it was a cat or something. I looked down to see Zaine’s foot. I grinned at him; we played a little game of footsie under the table before I was distracted by his mum.

    “It’s nice having you around Angelina, you such a pleasant girl, I hope we’ll be seeing more of you .”

    I smiled at her, a secret smile “Oh you’ll definitely be seeing more of me .” I turned my gaze to Zaine and raised an eyebrow. He nodded his head, grinning at me.