• Ella was a twenty- one year old, shorthaired girl. She was on a flight to Tokyo Japan to visit her older sister. The airplane quickly dipped as it descended down, Ella let a yelp a gripped the armrest of the chair she was sitting in. Man! If Sophia saw me now she would probably have tears in her eyes from laughing at me. Ella thought to herself. Sophia was the name of her older sister; she was also called
    Sophie, by her family and some friends. When the plane landed, and people started to unboard the aircraft she got up quickly, not realizing that she had left her bag and her dachshund, Roderick. When she was about two feet away from her seat, someone tapped her on her left shoulder twice. She turned around slowly. In front of her was a very handsome Japanese man about the age of twenty-four. Ella felt her knees almost give out from under her he was that beautiful.
    “Miss,” He said to her in Japanese.
    “Uh…Yes?” She asked him.
    “You’re forgetting your luggage,” He said kindly to her. Ella felt stupid, how could she leave her stuff there.
    “Um...Thank you,” She said bowing to him in thanks. He nodded and walked away. Ella grabbed Roderick’s pet carrier and her small knapsack. Then she exited the plane. She looked around the airport for the luggage pick. Good thing Ella spoke English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. Her mother never liked that Ella spent most of her time learning two languages, since she already knew how to speak English because she lived in America and Spanish because she is Mexican. Ella waited at the pickup area to wait for her one bag, she didn’t need a lot of stuff since she wasn’t a needy person she only needed the essentials. After 10 minutes of waiting till she finally got her bag. She felt her phone vibrate with a text message from her sister telling the address to where she lived. Sophia was out on a business trip somewhere else. I wonder who Jay- Kun is staying. Ella thought to herself. She got out a piece of paper from her knapsack and a pen and wrote down the address so she could give it to the taxi driver. She walked outside, and flagged down a taxi. She got in. Ella looked at the clock in front of the car and realized that it was six in the morning here.
    “Ohayoo gozaimasu,” She said to the driver. He said good morning back to her. He asked where he could take her. She gave him the address. He put the car into gear and started driving. Ella looked out the window to reveal a snow-covered Tokyo. Ella rubbed her tired eyes, She rested her head on the cold window, falling into an almost slumber. The car came to a stop; the driver told Ella that they were at her destination.
    She opened her eyes and saw that the taxi had stopped in front of a mansion, no maybe a castle.
    “Sir, are you sure this is the right place?” She asked him.
    “Of course it is,” He said looking back at her from the front seat. She nodded him.
    “Okay well thank,” She said giving him the amount of money she owed him. She grabbed her knapsack and Roderick and stepped out into the bitter cold weather.
    “Sheesh, this can’t be right,” She said to herself, letting out a sigh that blew out a puff of smoke from her mouth. She walked up the steps that lead to the wooden double doors. She placed her luggage and Roderick in front of the double door, and walked to a large window that looked into the living room. She looked inside and saw four handsome boys; they were talking to each other. A little boy around the age of eight came in and sat in between two of the guys. Ella recognized him, as her nephew Jay. So this is where he is staying. Ella thought to herself. I wonder why Sophia has four guys living in her home.