• Prologue~

    What is the meaning of my existance? Is it that important? What was I made for? Was it for everyone to cry over me? Was it for me to die and nobody to show up at my funeral? I have no idea. The rain falls faster against the ground I stare at. I feel like I just go hit with a semi. I'm in a lot of pain and I want it to end? But the question is, will I take the jump?

    Chapter One: Teen Heart

    --Let's get these teen hearts beating faster faster.

    I looked at the ground, it was raining like usual. You could see my breath it was so cold here. My parents were looking at the stupid two story white house they've always dreamed about. They didn't care about my opinion, they never did. It seemed I didn't even matter anymore. They always payed attention to my little sister, Everleen.
    "Dakota!" they shouted at me. I walked over to them and went inside, it was toasty warm and that made me happy. I liked it only for that reason.
    "Kodie," Everleen said to me looking at me.
    "Hm?" I asked her as I looked at the walls. They were white, so mom and dad could get their fresh start.
    "Why is your hair silver-blonde and mine is brown?" she asked me. I shrugged at her.
    "Dakota Marie James!" my mother said to me.
    "What?!" I shouted at her.
    "Don't provoke your little sister!" she said to me.
    "I didn't!" I said to her. There they go, accusing me of s**t I never did. She just asked me a question and I responded to it.
    "Don't lie to me," my mother said.
    "How is answering a question provoking her?!" I asked. My mother never answered me. I ran out of the house. I was going to Gabriel's house. I should just live with them instead.
    "Hiya Kodie," he said greeting me at the door. He frowned at me like he could tell I was upset. Now Gabriel was hot to be honest. black-blue hair and pale blue eyes. He had a perfect tan. On the other hand I had silver-blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and an average skin tone.
    "What this time?" he asked me pulling me inside and onto his couch.
    "They accused me of provoking Everleen by answering her question," I told him. And all I wanted to was snuggle into him. He was my best friend the person that understood me the best.
    "Well they're stupid," Gabriel said to me. I nodded at him and kicked off my shoes. I also took off my socks and wiggled my toes. Gabriel laughed at my antics.
    "I know they are, can I please live here?" I asked him. He rolled his eyes at me.
    "I doubt it Kodie," he replied to me. Well I could, because I was over sixteen by one year.
    "Well...," I started to say.
    "Well what?" Gabriel asked me.
    "I lost it," I told him. He started to tickle me and I giggled. I wish everyday could be like this. It was my piece of heaven that I never wanted to leave me.