• " We need you to go on another mission." Yue had said "With Ikuto, Titan, and Nala again. Last time, you bombed the main building, but now, you need to infiltrate the president's house and get the information we need. Get into his computer, and don't let anyone see you." Yue was our camp elder, alongside Lucia. Yue, had the power of the moon, to see the future, use protection magic, Yue also meant moon in chinese. Lucia, had the power of the sun, sense when something is wrong, connect with animals, use attack magic, Lucia also meant light in Japanese. Lucia sat next to Yue in bright white robes, her hood shadowing her face. The tent had light only illuminating from the candles that surrounded us. Yue wore a black robe with her hood on as well. Lucia's old wrinkled hand rose up and pointed at me "You are nervouse about something, something about marriage" she told me. I felt the blood rush to my face as I looked down. "That boy is going to ask you one way or another, you know you love him, what holds you back, child?" Yue asked. Yue's voice was like the sea, gentle and sweet at times, like now, or like crashing waves in anger. Lucia's voice was like the sun warm, but burning through you, like now, or like lava, painful and nervewrecking. "I don't think it's the right time for this, but, I want to. I really do. What should I do?" I asked them. They both smiled. "Don't worry, everything will be alright" Yue said in her gentle voice. "Just listen to your heart, and you'll know the answer" Lucia finished in her own gentle voice. I lifted up my head and smiled at them both "Thank you" I said, and left the tent. "So, how did it go?" Titan asked me when I got out of the tent. "We need to go on another mission, to the President's house" I told him. "Anything else?" he asked. "Me, you, Nala, and Ikuto are assigned this mission" "And?" he pressed on. "What? What else?" I asked him. "You're holding something back." he told matter-of-factly. "How do you know?" I asked him. "It's written all over your beautiful face." Titan told me. Ikuto popped out of nowhere and squeezed himself between us. "Hiya, Darkness! So, we're going on a mission together?" he asked, with a half real half fake smile. I nodded "Y-yeah. Me, you, Titan, and Nala, again." I said. "Well, come with me, we can plan the battle strategies together" he told me, took my hand, and pulled me past Titan. Titan then turned around and caught my other hand which made me and Ikuto stop. "I need to talk to her first" he said. Titan and Ikuto looked at eachother, you could almost see the elctricicity in the air. They both tightened their hands around mine and tugged a bit. Nala popped up behind Ikuto and said "Let her go" Ikuto looked behind him and put on a scared face. He let me go and I saw Titan smirk. Nala caught Ikuto by his arm and pulled him away "Leave them alone" she told Ikuto. "But- wait- Let me go!" he said. Titan pulled me away without even asking me if I wanted to come along. I looked up, sunrise was coming, the vampires would be going to bed now. Titan took me to the stream, our usual spot. The stream reflected the sun's light of yellow, orange, and light purple. The light covered the entire place, it was completely beautiful. Titan picked up both my hands with his. "Pheonix, I need to ask you something" he said. "What's up? You almost never call me Pheonix" I said. "Would you-, I-I mean, could you-, will you-..." he stuttered, his face getting redder with each word. "Oh" I thought. I squeezed his hand and he stopped talking for a second and smiled. Suddenly, I felt a searing pain in my head. I clenched my head and sank to my knees. Titan put his hands over mine and kneeled down in front of me, a panicking look in his eyes. "NO!" My father said, and he sucked me and Titan into darkness.

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