• Intro
    When I jumped out my bedroom window, I noticed that my beloved wasn’t waiting for me. “Alexander, where are you?” He didn’t answer me. What could have happened to him? I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turned to see who it was, like I feared it was…

    4 weeks earlier
    “Guess who’s walking up behind us.” Angelica said all excitedly. I could tell who she was talking about by the way her behavior changed. There’s only one reason she could be acting this way and that’s *Dannie Newton* Mr. Ladies man. He was the most popular boy in the whole school. Every girl in and out of school wanted him, except me. I had my eyes set on someone else and that was Alexander Knight the one boy who I couldn’t get over. He’s a junior and I’m a sophomore. His has the perfect body which I got to look at in swimming practice and those light hazel eyes. Every time he came near me, or walked pass my heart would accelerate. Like electricity in an outlet.
    “Who is it?” I pretended to act excited but knowing I really didn’t care. Angelica and I are twins, Identical at that. We’ve known Dannie since we were in diapers.
    “Dannie is right behind you, he’s probably not even two feet from you right now.” My heart when it came to Dannie wouldn’t do anything. I frankly didn’t give a damn about him being near me. All I cared about was my beloved Alexander, but my sister didn’t realize that I didn’t like Dannie. I heard Dannie approach us. I got this feeling someone was watching me and it wasn’t Dannie or Angelica. When I turned around to see who it was my heart stopped. Alexander standing right next to Dannie laughing like it’s a new year or something. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He looked so tasty.
    “Hey guys, what y'all been up to?” Angelica face gave her away. I knew she liked him but she wouldn’t admit it.
    “Mostly in the house watching TV and on the computer, there’s nothing else to do nowa days, what have y'all two been up lately?” Angelica’s voice was so pitched. She was so excited.
    “Just been hanging out with Alexander, and practicing for our swimming meat. My moms want let me leave with out 2 hours of practice.” I was so busy staring at Alexander I didn’t hear a word Dannie had said. He caught me looking and our eyes locked. We to busy staring at each other neither one of us realized Dannie and Angelica was staring at us.
    “Hello earth to Alex.” My mind snapped back into place.
    “What did you say?” We both stood there looking like 2 bears that just got trapped. “Why y'all staring at us like that?” They just shrugged.
    “Nothing it’s whatever.” Where did Angelica’s attitude come from?
    “Are you OK?”

    Not finish yet so just wait awhile OK