• Two Nations and One Heart

    By: Leigh Anne Adian

    Before you read might I say this is my first story I made in awhile, hope you enjoy…basically the main characters are thief: Eriden Ellian Verilia(only kid version), Princess: Annaline Mell Iluzia, and the knight: Raiden Ira Mios, and one mysterious assassin: ??? . the main characters may be added in time.

    Chapter one – A candle light

    The candle is lit, time is now ticking..

    “Yet another day has passed…” I mumbled out. Oh boy, now Im talking to myself, surely I had already gone insane.. I leaned on a wall and looked up at the sky, “will anything ever change in this forsaken world? Everyone must have gone crazy” I smirked, “but coming from me, it does not make a difference...” I almost forgot, Im Eriden. In how I described the world you would already have an idea on what state I am right now.. As I continued talking to myself I noticed a dark figure just pass by me, I lifted my head to see a boy. Maybe about the same age as me, and he had a valuable diamond necklace around his neck? I started running towards him.

    “Hey kid! Stop right here!” I unsheathed both daggers, he gasped and stopped. My eyes widened, I did not expect him to stop for real! I tried to halt but I was running so fast I and clumsily tripped and pulled his hand hoping to stop the fall.. I was too heavy… so both of us dropped. “Oww oww oww... Your doing a really bad job on robbing me, you know?” he said as he tried to stand, his voice was rather high pitched.. “Ughh…” I could not help but stare, it was… a girl?

    “Hahahahah!!” she looked at me, annoyed “w-what is it?” her cheeks puffed. I rubbed my eyes “sorry... I thought you were a boy. You have such short hair!” she blushed tremendously “ h-how dare you!!” she was about to tackle me when thugs suddenly came near us, her eyes widened “ we want that diamond necklace boy..” one thug said, she could only blush as I continued to laugh. “Hahha...” my serious face turned up “you have to get through me... but.. Its four against one.. And im a kid so...” I threw a small black object to the ground, it created a smokescreen. They started coughing “why you little..” “hate to hit and run but Im not allowed to smoke” I smirked and carried the girl with both hands “ Till next time” I started running…


    “I think we lost them” I said as I gulped in air. “sure, ok, now put me down!!!” we were already at the outskirts of the kingdom. I rolled my eyes then dropped her on the ground “Owwww!!” she looked at me “h-hey..owwiiee… You did not have to save me.. you know?” I looked back at her “I wanted your diamond necklace” I smirked. She looked pale at first, but she just ignored me, she smiled “maybe because you liked me” I chuckled “ I have seen prettier BOYS” I started laughing again, but I decided to change the subject “why were you chased by those thugs?” she looked up to the sky “ well same as you, I was called a stealer and they saw my necklace. That’s how it aaall started” she then closed her eyes “ you stole? Stole what?” she sat up “ this wig, I did not know that you had to pay for it so you could wear it outside the store..” she sparked my curiosity, so I stood up and sat next to her “could I remove it?” “sure, why not?” as I removed the wig streams of golden hair flew in every direction, each glistened as the last rays of light bounced off them, they slowly landed in different directions.

    I blushed “ehh.. sorry..” I looked the other way. Now it was her time to laugh.. but surprisingly, she did not. “its okay..” we both remained silent for a few seconds, then I realized that the sun had completely set. The only light available was fireflies and the light it illuminated in the pond next to us. I poked her and pointed at the pond “ wowww!!” she shouted in awe, she started making ripples in the pond. Making the light in the mirror-like pond dance. “isn’t it about time you go home?” I questioned. “well..I don’t want to go home...” her eyes glistened as light from the fireflies bounced of her eyes as well. “well you should, you are an eyesore you know” she seemed sad, I felt a little sense of pity“ fine, what’s wrong?” “ohh its nothing, anyway” she breathed in and stood in front of me, she pointed a finger at me that almost touched my nose “since you found me you should take responsibility as a man to take care of me” she poked my nose and smiled.

    I covered my nose with both hands “you’re annoying you know that! You know you could start the apocalypse by poking other people’s noses! And by the way.. not even a man! Im still a kid!” I roared out. She laughed “apocalypse when touching noses? That doesn’t even make any sense!” I pouted “it means you make them really upset, mad even.” She stared at me; I was already ready to strangle her if she said anything else! “you know, you look would look cuter if you smile” she held both my cheeks and stretched them out. “But I guess pouting is equally cute” “arrgggg!!!!! Stop that!” she only yawned as a reply, my eyes twitched in disbelief “if you were kinder I could actually fall in love with you” I paused “ but I guess you cant do that, such an eyesore like you could never do that” I taunted yet again. “You think so? Who would like such an ugly person like you anyway” she taunted back. This was going to be a long night…