• ~~StarStruck~~
    Chapter 3 The Devils Soul

    When Carlee got home she noticed there was more than just her moms car parked at her house. She took a breath and walked into the house. She was greeted by her next door neighbor Jake and his mom, Chase and his mom.
    "Carlee...hunny...come take a seat next to jake. We need to all discuss some things.." Carlee's mom said cautiously.
    "Sure mom. I have to talk to you too, after everyone leaves. Its kinda personal." Carlee scanned the room for a minute looking at everyones faces. "Hey jake. Hey chase. Nice to see you again." Carlee said with a smile.
    "May we please get discussing? Its kinda..really important?" Jake hesitated.
    "Jake, hunny. Dont be so pushy. And we will start when miss Carlee feels like it."
    "What does this have to do with me?!!"
    "Well..nothing. I just thought you needed to be here. Jake and Chase's mom have concerns about them. And they both thought you might have been having the same at school?"
    "Well i have been having a problem with new kids. They seem to be getting bigger and bigger. And all of our friends are moving away. Like, they just move at the last minute. And they seem like they have to.."
    "No, actually all my friends are here. None have moved. Please dont say your moving!!!"
    "NO WAY! I would die if we moved!! I could never be away from you..i mean...friends..and your one of them..and Chase too.."
    "Okay well, im super tired. So ima go take a nap. Bye jake. Bye chase. See you Monday! And mom, when your done here, i need to talk to you."
    "Okay hun. Have a nice nap." Carlee got up and kissed her mom on the forehead, and gave Jake and Chase a hug. Then she headed up stairs. She hopped in her bed and took off her shoes and grabbed her book and started reading. About 5 minutes later, she heard footsteps up the stairs. Her mom must be coming up to talk to her. She got up really quick and put her PJ shorts on. When she sat down she saw a shadow standing at her door and then about five seconds later, she heard a gentle, quiet and cute knock. That definately wasnt her mom.

    "Who is it?" Carlee asked.
    "Uhhh..." He studdered. "Its Jake. May i come in for a minute? I need to talk to...uhhmmm...you.."
    "Sure. Im dressed" She giggled. Just then the door opened and Jake's pretty face shone in the light. "Have a seat on my bed. Dont be shy. Im just a girl. Haha. And close my door. My mom will get the hint that we are talking."
    "Okay.." He shut the door quietly then he sat at the edge of her bed and took off his shoes and sat crossed legged across from her. "Just let me talk. About earlier. I like you if you didnt get the message. I dont expect you to like me back. Im pretty geeky and i hope you feel the same about me. If you do thats great. And i would like to know if you wanna....go out? Cuz i really, really like you. Your the prettiest person i ever met. Like ever in my life. So will you?" Carlee sat there and thought for a minute. Then she leaned over and took his face in her hands. She kissed him. She looked at him and laughed. "Whats so funny?" She smiled.
    "Take that as a yes. I cant believe you didnt ask me earlier. I mean its so simple. I like you too." Just then, a rock flew in her window with something engraved on it. Jake looked at her and got up. She got up too, then she picked up the rock and read the message. it read:

    "My dearest Carlee. It seems like you have a boyfriend now. Well congratulations on that. I wish you and him the best of luck as you both are now in care of my feeding job. I am still hungry. Dont forget about me. I am family hun. Well now you have the devils soul on your hands. Good luck. The door bell will be ringing in..three..two...one..

    Just then the door bell rang.