• "I'm not getting on that horse." I crossed my arms and told him with a glare on my face. He only smirked.
    "How else will you come to my home then? Walking? That's too long. Too far away to walk... Now get up here." He tried to pull my hand to help me up.

    "NO! I'll walk!" I yelled to him pulling back.

    "Alright then." He grabbed me and sat me on the horse as I tried to pry his arms off. "Riding it is."

    I grabbed onto him for dear life. "PUT ME DOWN! Please!!"
    'Oh great... Barely know the stalker's name and I'm clinging to the damn fool!!' I scolded myself. He placed his hand on my back gently and began to make his horse move.

    "Why did that idiot burn your house? Or should I ask why he tried to attack you?" Dante asked softly sometime later.
    "..." 'He was pissed off that I didn't want to ******** him. So he got pissy and tried to beat the s**t out of me. You came along and stopped it. We went out and he burned my house down... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!' "Do you even know why he tried beatting me earlier?" I countered.

    "Why is that?" He asked as serious as he could. There was a hint of a smile on his face. His eyes even showed it when he glanced down at me.
    I had been fighting guys since I moved into this village... Just because of the many things they tried to pull on me. All of them were perverts and all of them had one thing on their minds... 'Rape the new girl.'

    "Haven't you noticed by now? How all the guys in this place are such asses?" I looked up at him. Slightly mad that I was talking to him about this. Instead of being with a friend. Some one I actually knew and trusted.

    "Yes, but I hope you don't think I'm one of them..." He frowned slightly at me and I couldn't help but feel bad about what I said now...
    I had opened my eyes to find that I was really just in my house.
    "God... Damn it!!" I growled as I grabbed my phone. It pissed me off that I fell asleep. What pissed me off more was that I had another dream about this Dante guy and everything was strange and different!

    "What now?"
    Missed Call
    '********.' I dialled his number and tried to call him back.

    At first all I could hear was the buzzing of the dial tone. Click "Hello?"
    "Hi Caleb." I tried to sound as clear as I could then.
    "Did I wake you? I'm sorry." His voice was so soft and it sounded worried.
    "No, yes, no.... Thank you."
    "Huh? Which is it?"
    I sighed. "It is a yes and no situation. Thank you for waking me up. And no, you didn't wake me up..." I had realized what I had said was just plain confusing and really stupid.
    "Your welcome?" He said slightly confused and slightly curious.

    After some time he had finally guessed what was going on. Since I always told him of my dreams and how strange they started to get. I just didn't tell him how real they felt. How familiar Dante was to me.
    "Another dream about Mr. Stalker? What happened in this one?" Caleb asked in almost the same way the man from my dreams sounded.

    "Well, he took me onto his horse... After he killed this guy that tried to kill me..."
    I swear I heard Caleb chuckle when I said this.
    "Is there something funny going on over there? Or do you find killing people to be hilarious?" I asked slightly annoyed.

    "Nah, just isn't that what happens to you a lot? People try to go after you a lot." He said as he tried to cover up.

    "Uh, sure..." I yawned and covered my mouth. "Sorry..."
    "You should sleep. I shouldn't have called you. I love you." He whispered into the phone.

    I had just begun to get comfy on the couch again. The blanket covering all but my left arm, as I laid my head on the pillow.
    "No. You should have called. I shouldn't sleep... I love you too."

    "Honey..." He began.
    "Hm? What is it dear?"

    A long pause... That was something I feared. I've had a long pause before with someone... It didn't end up well... In fact, it was my ex-boyfriend that did it... I gripped the phone and sat up a little...
    "No... Nevermind..." He sighed into the phone.

    "Uh-uh. No. Tell me. Please just don't tell me that we're..."
    "No. No. Not that. I'll tell you later... I gotta go back to work. I'll call you tonight."
    He made a cute kiss noise into the phone.
    "Bye dear..." I repeated the same noise and we both hung up.

    All the rest of the afternoon I read a book called Fallen By Lauren Kate... I finally hit a few chapters that sort of struck me. 'Past lives? Is there such a thing? Wait, no this is a book... It's fiction... This crap never happens...'
    I started thinking of what my long distant friend, Vale, told me once. "'You're an angel. I know you are.'" 'If I actually did believe in something would it be in angels? Oh hey, I got that encyclopedia about dreams and many other things.' As soon as I thought up that, I quickly ran down the stairs and slid into my room.
    "Where is it? Where, oh, where have you gone?" I sang excitedly as I searched throught the clutter of my mess.

    "AH, HA! Finally!" I squealed as I grabbed the heavy books and sat down on my bed.

    Ten minutes later, I had finished trying to find the little section about past lives. So I flipped through the pages and found something in the 'Meaning of Symbols' section.
    My eyes gazed at the biblical picture that stared back at me.
    "'Angels- powerful beings that are messangers from God. Angels are meant to protect and guide humans.' ... is that all?"
    My phone rang out and played Last Night by Skillet.
    "Hey sweety. How are you?" Vale's sweet voice rang out in my ear.
    A smile quickly showed up on my face. "Nothing. Just reading. You?"
    "Whatcha reading?"
    "Just something about angels..." I tried to cough to cover up what I said.

    She began laughing at me. "Starting to believe me? Or are you curious?"
    I didn't believe her and I sure as hell was curious.
    "Sortta... Hey, you ever have dreams of people you never met, but feel like you know them somehow?"
    She took a few seconds to think. "Yes, and no... Why? What's up?"
    "Just some dreams that are starting to feel, like, sortta, maybe... real?" I sounded so unsure of myself. If I wasn't me, and one of my friends came up to me and asked that, I'd ask them to lay down for a bit.
    "Could be a past life trying to tell you something. What's going on in them?"
    'She at least is trying to help...' So I thought. We began discussing some of the things that have happened in them and it wasn't before long that I felt even more crazy that usual.