• Part 1

    Gleaming energies of the Sunwell still remain even after its former destruction, led by Kil'Jaeden. Years have passed since then, times have changed and the Sunwell has slowly recovered. Arthas's rampage through Quel'Thalas and the wretched blood elven prince's destructive ritual of summoning couldn't seize the flow of mystical energy within the Sunwell.

    An ounce of hope hangs in the palm of a little gnome's hand. The little hero had defeated a pawn of destruction and the blood was shed merely two years ago. The forces of the Lich King, remnants of fel abominations and menacing Black Dragonflight dragonkin still terrorize the inhabitants of Azeroth. Our story ended in Goldshire, but now a new tale has unfolded in the ruins of Quel'Danas, the Sunwell. Scourge still roam rampant, demons patrol around each and every corner and worst of all, fel elves have mutated beyond corruption. Their bodies are twisted, demonic wings expand to the length of a monstrous hawk, netharzim horns pierce out of their foreheads, an essence of fel is engraved on the torso of the elves and their eyes have turned into a warped dark green.

    Horrific fel elves now storm the Isle of Quel'Thalas, destined the discover the remnants of magic hidden away in the inner sanctum of the Sunwell. Thaladris Dawnstrider commands the remaining Shattered Sun Offensive warriors in the fight to secure the last elven isle. The remaining forces would be forced to retreat if the infamous pitlord that commands the demonic remnants unleashes destruction amongst the elves. Thaladris plans on a rogue like mission to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the Sunwell while the Scourge assault the monstrous pitlord. Hungering for vengeance. the pitlord is no other than Brutallus. Despite Kil'Jaeden's defeat, this beast has survived and has dealt with the frequent scourge ambushes in the Dead Scar.

    Commanding the demonic forces of the Sunwell, Brutallus has established his throne between the exterior and interior section of the Sunwell that is located in the Dead Scar. Fueled by the blood of Sargeras, he is gifted with incredible strength, power, endurance and a war like attitude. Never known to fear or accept death, Brutallus slashes his bloody glaives until death. This relentless pitlord has been wounded over the years, but still stands strong as he claims the Sunwell as his own.

    In the Eastern Kingdoms is our champion, Widget, a young gnome residing in Goldshire. Widget served in the Ironforge Army and was the first gnome to be enrolled in the University of Ironforge, a militaristic university. This little gnome defeated Hogger, with the help of some critters. Peace was spread across Elwynn Forest after the death of Hogger, servant of the Lich King. Arthas had revived Hogger's remains in an unholy manner and chained his will to his own. Hogger was the Lich King's instrument of vengeance, bestowed with the souls of the damned and a massive two handed ax. Even with the Lich King's blessings, Hogger fell to his knees by Widget and his brigade of critters.

    ( More coming soon... )

    ( More coming soon... )