• How did she get him back? That question was always running through the young mages mind day and night. She would not tell him the details and it was driving him mad; on several occasions he lashed out on her, screaming spells of death her way, always demanding “how?” But she would never tell him. That answer she was going to keep to herself for as long as she lived and longer after that.

    Every night he would wake up screaming this terrible, agonizing, contorted scream, and it would last for hours and hours. Every night she was by his bedside holding him and trying to sooth him back to sleep, but he would always pass out from exhaustion; dark circles began to form under her eyes as she watched at night hoping with all her heart he wouldn’t start screaming again. Days and days had passed by, the nights were always the same and when in the day time when his eyes were open he seemed as if he was dead. It shredded her heart to see him that way and she knew that she wasn’t the one who could help him. She knew who could, but she would rather die before going to that other woman and yet every day she would be in that woman’s solar trying to convince her to help him. And every day she left without a single word uttered from that woman’s mouth.

    Her time was running out and still that woman had not come, still he woke up screaming his heart out, and still she wouldn’t come. This was going to be her last attempt to bring that man that she loved so much a small shred of peace even if that other woman left him again. “Please” she begged over and over again, “He needs you” she would say in a whisper, “He could have had it all but he gave it up for you” was always her excuse to make that woman come see him. She never did.

    “Please stop” she whispered, “Please” and yet the screaming went on and on and on, she was surprised she hadn’t gone deaf by now, but perhaps the feel of his fingers digging into her already bruised skin took the pain away from her ears. Hours later he past out from exhaustion and she was gone again trying to make that woman come see him. It was her last chance, her time was out, and she had to convince that woman. She had to. This time she didn’t say a word, she didn’t move, she didn’t do anything but just stand there and wait till nightfall when she would have to go back again and listen to him scream. Everybody in that place could hear him scream every night and even they tried to convince her to go see him.

    The moment her voice reached his ears he stopped, it was like a lighting strike; fast and painful. She hugged him for just a few moments longer just enough to let him know she was there, then she let go, stood, up and left the room without another word. The other man tried to follow, tried to get the answer out of her, but she just kept walking, not muttering a single word.