• Prologue

    Fires licked up from the fireplace, threatening to catch the carpet in it's blaze. Smoke puffed up from the fireplace, spiraling up into the chimney. Two men sat in expensive arm chairs, leaning back, hot tea on a coffee table in front of them.

    The men were wearing knee high boots with white pants and a expensive black jacket draped over their shoulders, exposing no shirt underneath the jacket. "He will be of extreme use to us, he is fresh at an age where he could be manipulated into something powerful. Maybe even more powerful than us." One of them said in a voice rough. He looked young, with black hair that extended over his eyes and could almost be pulled into a pony. The other one, looking in his early forties with not even a hint of gray in his brown hair shook his head, his black eyes showing a bit of remorse.

    "The boy cannot live Faolan... no spawn of yours is allowed to live." The man with brown hair said slowly, his voice showing no sympathy for him.

    Faolan stood up abruptly, his gray eyes large and angry. He grabbed the coffee table and flipped it over, the tea spilling across the carpet. "And it's fair Arius that all of the others get to spawn so freely?!" Faolan yelled, his face distorted into something that made him fearsome to look at. His arms were trembling and the muscle in his arm shook with rage.

    "They arent who you are, Faolan. Now I suggest you calm down before things get bad for you." Arius said, his black eyes showing no tolerance for the situation. Faolan glared at him for a long time, his teeth similar to that of a wolf's. Faolan stormed out of the room, Arius heard the door slam in the other room and a wolf's howl through the closed window as Faolan disappeared in the storm.

    Arius sat there for a long time, watching the tea stain the carpet and gradually dry out. A figure emerged from the darkness, a short man that could have been mistaken for a dwarf, but that played to his advantages. "He cannot live, Ko. Finish them both." Arius said crisply his emotions not showing through his stone face. The short man smiled, and when Arius turned to face the fire once more, Ko was gone.

    Arius waited, a sigh filling the air as the tea dried out on the carpet. He couldnt wait until the year had passed so he would know how everything would turn out... but he couldnt help feeling something was wrong with all of this. Something he feared he wouldnt live to find out about.