• Just another day for Kagamine Len. Being fourteen he didn't have much to do around the house he shared with the others from the Vocaloid family. He usually sat in the living room flipping through random channels on TV. Rin was practicing her singing, Miku and Kaito were out buying some more food, Meiko was working, Gakupo was playing with his katana, and everyone else just seemed to ignore the small blonde.
    This is was usual for Len. Sighing, the boy got up and went to the bedroom he shared with his female mirror image. As he walked down the hallway, Len could hear Rin's singing. He smiled lightly, and opened the door.
    "Huh?" Rin jumped and looked surprise. "Oh, hi Len." Rin smiled, and turned back around to the microphone to continue recording her song. Len ignored the hi, and went over to his bed, and grabbed his hat.
    "I'm going out," He told Rin as he left the room, but she didn't seem to hear him. Sighing, he closed the door as he stepped out and headed for the door. He put his hands in his pockets, and made his way down the hall way.
    Maybe I could catch Miku and Kaito while there's still out... Len thought to himself. He hated to admit it, but he kind of had a crush on Kaito. Just kind of! He always told himself. Nothing would ever happen anyway. He likes Miku. I can see it.
    That was true for the most part, Kaito had the biggest crush on Miku. But she didn't seem to care at all. She just brushed it off every time Kaito made the slightest move on her. Len hated seeing it. I'm not jealous, I just hate how she brushes it off like it's it nothing. He pushed the front door open, and walked out.
    He started off walking then stopped when he heard someone's radio, obviously up loud. "I just wanna show you she don't even know you, she's never gunna love you like I want too. You just see right through me, if you only knew me..." Len shook his head after hearing those lyrics, and ran off to the market where Miku and Kaito went.
    As soon as Len spotted them he jolted to a stop, and ended up hiding behind one of the fruit stands. He looked around the corner of the stand, and watched them. Everytime Miku smiled, the blonde teen noticed Kaito's eyes light up.
    "Too bad I couldn't do that.." He muttered, and continued watching. Miku didn't notice at all Kaito's eyes. But Len did. He noticed. He knew Kaito's favourite kind of ice cream, and just how he liked it.
    After awhile of following them, Len got the urge to just jump out and hug Kaito right then and there. He wanted too, but it'd make things weird between him and Kaito. He had yet to find out Len's feelings towards the older male yet. No one even knew Len could feel that way at all.
    He stopped a few stands behind them and noted to himself that following him isn't going to get him anywhere. Len glanced up ahead and looked at Kaito. Maybe I should... Go up and hug him. Len looked down, and walked forward, trying to keep up, but as far away from the teal haired girl, and the blue haired man, as he possible could. Which at the moment, seemed very hard for Len.
    Kaito smiled at Miku, and looked back ahead. He always enjoyed shopping with her. He liked her, everyone knew that, yet she didn't like him back, and he know that. That didn't stop him from trying to make her his. She smiled back up and him, and he felt his smile get bigger. Anyone watching could see his eyes light up. He tried to slip his hand into hers, and she swated it away.
    Kaito's smile went instantly to a frown. He didn't know why everytime he just wanted to do something simple like hold her hand, but she rejected him. He didn't hate it, but it made him want to try harder the next time. He kept telling himself that he would achieve in holding her hand.