• "Resistance? I've been living in Suburbia for 19 years, I'd know if there was a Resistance group here.", Seth remarked.
    "YES, the Resistance! I can't believe you've never heard of us!", the man said.
    Upon closer inspection, Seth noticed that the man had to be at least fourty or fifty, as his hair was beginning to grey and signs age spanned his face. The other two that were with him were also slightly odd. One seemed to be just as old as Seth, though he looked very scruffy and disheveled. The other one seemed to be slightly younger than the middle-aged man, and his blazingly red hair certainly stood out.
    "Boss, Lynx is heading back to base. We should do the same.", the scruffy one said.
    "Thank you, Ryder. Torch, let's go!", ordered the man. The red-head nodded and began moving. "How about you two? You coming?", said the man.
    Seth and Dawn looked at each other, each having a concerned look on their faces. "What do you think?", Seth whispered.
    "I don't know.", responded Dawn. Seth stared at the three men, not sure how to answer.
    "How come I've never heard of the resistance?", Seth asked.
    "Probably because you're never in Suburbia for more than an hour.", Ryder replied snidely.
    "How would you know that?!", Seth snapped.
    "He's recon, it's his job to know.", the man said. "Listen, I'm Ryan. I lead these guys. From the looks of things, you two are at the top of the public enemy list right now, so you don't really have anywhere else to go. Besides, that shoulder looks bad. My friend Saint could probably help you out. So are you coming or not?", the man asked.
    Dawn nodded slightly to Seth. "Fine.", Seth answered. "But if you guys try turning us in to the Talons then bad things will happen to you. Understand?", Seth said coldly. With everything being said, Seth and Dawn began to follow the men deep into Suburbia.

    Eventually, the two were led to an old warehouse that appeared to be sealed on all sides. Ryder walked up to one side of the building and slid aside a panel to reveal an electronic keypad. Ryan decided to speak up while Ryder fiddled with the keypad.
    "The place used to be a base of operations for the Talons, but they left the place a while back. Since then, we decided to move in. We're a small team, but we do what we can. We've been trying to get new recruits, but most people are so satisfied or so hopeless that they just don't care. Nikolai Egetes is a monster of a man and most people are too damn blind to see it.", Ryan explained. Seth nodded silently, agreeing with everything that Ryan was saying. Once Ryder was done with the keypad, a part of the ground slowly slid open. Everyone descended down the steps as that were revealed as the ground closed up behind them. Seth and Dawn were shocked to find that an extensive compound lied underneath the warehouse.
    "She don't talk much, does she?", Ryder said randomly, gesturing towards Dawn. Dawn gasped slightly in surprise before looking down at the floor.
    "Just how much do you know about us?", Seth asked.
    "Well, I've only just learned about blondie over here since this is the first time she's been in Suburbia. As for you... Well, damn, I've got a whole file on you. I'm pretty much wired into this district, Mr. Chimera.", Ryder replied rudely.
    Seth stopped dead in his tracks at that last remark. "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!", Seth yelled.
    "Damn, man! You don't gotta yell! Yeah, we've known you were a chimera for about two months now. Didn't I just say I was wired into this place?", Ryder said, sighing deeply afterwards.
    "Relax, kid.", Ryan consoled. "We know all about you. No harm's going to come to you."
    Seth calmed down a little and continued walking, with Dawn following him closely.

    Eventually, they finally reached what looked like a living quarters. Almost as soon as they entered, Seth felt something latch onto his back.
    "Oi, who're these two?", a small voice said just behind Seth. Seth grabbed what was behind him off his back to discover that he was holding onto a small child.
    "Banshee, leave them alone.", Ryan ordered as Seth put down the child. Seth noticed that Banshee had a scar running across his left cheek.
    Banshee suddenly pointed at Seth's shoulder.
    "This one's really ******** up, sir!", Banshee yelled to Ryan. Shock crossed Seth and Dawn's face as Ryder burst into laughter.
    Dawn brought herself down to Banshee's height before telling him, "It's not nice for little boys to talk like that, you know."
    Banshee took a hostile stance before getting in Dawn's face and screaming, "I'm a girl, you slag!"
    Dawn drew back and asked Ryder, "What's a slag?"
    "She's calling you a whore.", Ryder replied bluntly.
    Dawn shot a disgusted look at Banshee, who simply smiled deviously back at her.
    "Uh... Banshee? Would you mind going off to get Saint?", Ryan asked.
    "Alrighty, boss! This poor b*****d's probably gonna need his arm hacked off, anyway!", Banshee remarked before running down a nearby hallway.
    "He, uh... He's not really gonna hack off my arm, is he?", Seth asked Torch. Torch responded by shrugging his shoulders.

    Ryder and Torch walked away while Ryan stayed behind to talk to Seth and Dawn. "I've been meaning to ask you two something. Like I said before, we're always looking for new recruits. Seth, Ryder's seen plenty of you in action. We've got lots of cameras and informants stationed around Suburbia and we know how you've been fighting the Talons and helping innocent people. Not to mention that a Chimera in our ranks would be a big boost to morale. As for the girl, I'm assuming she's one of these innocents, or else you wouldn't be dragging her around. She seems to know quite a bit about medical stuff considering the good job she did patching up your shoulder. Saint could probably teach her a hell of a lot more, though. So... what do you say? You two want to help us out?", Ryan asked. Seth and Dawn stared at each other, with almost a silent understanding in their eyes. There was nowhere else they could go and nobody else to turn to. They didn't even have to speak to each other to know the answer. Seth sighed before speaking up.
    "We're in."