• The loneliness of a True King…

    Chapter one : The birth of a low class warrior…

    It was a quiet night in the maternity ward, of the medical centre. The only noises that could be heard was of the mothers who had just given birth, slowly rocking their babies to sleep. This of course was the higher class maternity ward…

    Meanwhile, 45 storey’s below that, in the lower class maternity ward, in their medical centre, (Which was practically a damp basement with different couples rammed inside), all havoc was breaking loose. The increase of babies being born in the lower class was tremendous, seeming that there were now hundreds of soldier’s with lower class blood in them. Amongst the hundreds of couples there, was a young, Saiyan, female warrior. Of age she was 32, but by looking at her, she would resemble a female of her early 20’s or so. Her jet black hair, which was long, and reached down to her shoulders had a wave to it, and her piercing black eyes had a tint of purple in, which was unusual for the Saiyan race. She was lying on the ground, up against a wall. This was only because the lower class medical centre didn’t have beds, only cots for the new born babies. The doctor pressed a damp towel onto her forehead, trying to cool her down and help her through the pain. As it progressed, she constantly would call out for her husband, who was pacing outside, and had been for hours.
    “Tomas!” She exclaimed through the pain, reaching her hand out towards the door.
    “He’s out there Cecilia, don’t worry.” The doctor comforted her.
    “No I want him in here, please.” She begged, clutching onto the fabric of the young doctor’s uniform.
    “He’ll come in when it’s over. Just lie back.”

    A few more hours later, and outside with Tomas, husband of Cecilia. His head looked up from the ground, as he heard the wail of a brand new baby warrior. He had heard a few others during his wait out there, but he was certain this was the one.
    'That’s my baby isn’t it?' He thought, leaning up, off the wall, when the medical centre door opened, and out came a young, male doctor, who happened to be a friend of Tomas’s. He smiled, whilst looking at Tomas.
    “Cecilia’s given birth.” He informed Tomas.
    “And?” Tomas demanded.
    “Both mother and baby are fine. It’s a boy. Looks just like you Tomas.”
    “Really?” Tomas asked, and he nodded.
    “And that’s not all. He was born with a power level of 75. Congratulations.” He informed him.
    “Can… Can I see them?”
    “Of course. Cecilia is still inside, but your baby is being transferred over to the nursery. He just needs a name now.”
    Tomas smiled, whilst walking out onto the balcony, letting the cool breeze hit him. He leaned down onto the barrier, as his doctor friend followed him out, clip board in hand.
    “His name shall be Bardock…” Tomas said, looking out into the distance. “Bardock… The Son of Tomas and Cecilia…”