• As the sun shone down on a pleasant town named Silverlight, a town filled with Pokemon Exploration and Rescue team bases. A young Absol was at an Exploration Guild, wanting to join. "Aww, please may I join!" said Sabrina. "For the final time NO ONE may join UNLESS there is someone to sign up WITH you!" answered the mystery pokemon. "But!" she replied but it was too late, they had already shut the gates. ((Why?)) she thought ((Why is it no one will let me in........ or even consider letting me make an exploration team...))

    As Sabrina walked through town, she passed a store that sold basic everyday items. "What's the matter?" Gardevoir asked as Sabrina passed by "Are they still not letting you in the Guild?" "Yeah, that's pretty much what's going on." she replied "I have to have someone to sign up with, to start as an exploration team." "Well, I think they do it that for your safety, so you don't get lost or severely injured." Gardevoir said. "Maybe so." Sabrina said "I guess I will have to be patient then." Gardevoir smiled and said "Yep! That's the way to do it! If you look at it that way it won't be long before you get to be an exploration team." "Thanks Gardevoir" she said. "Hey, anytime! I'm always here if you need me" said Gardevoir as Sabrina walked away. "Time to go home I suppose" she said. As Sabrina walked home she dreamed of the possibilities of being an exploration team. ((Maybe I will find treasure in a secret unknown cavern)) she thought ((Or maybe a relic with mystical meanings)) she continued to think these wondrous thoughts as she headed to her house near the edge of Twilight forest.

    "Maybe someday I will be able to........" CRASH!!!! "WHOA!! WHAT WAS THAT?!" Sabrina exclaimed out of shock. She looked around and saw no one. "Maybe..... Maybe I was just imagining it" she said. And then she heard some moaning coming from a tree. She looked up and saw a riolu dangling from some vines off a branch. "Hey! Are you alright?!" she shouted up.......... But the riolu didn't answer. Just then the branch that was holding the riolu snapped, tossing the riolu to the ground. Sabrina ran over to see if the riolu was ok. "I better get you someplace safe" she said. "I know! I will take you to my house for awhile until you wake up."

    Sabrina took the riolu to her home. Sabrina's house wasn't the largest, or the fanciest. But it was home. It had a small yard area, with a simple mailbox. "Hmm, no mail today." Sabrina said. As she came inside she headed over no her bed, and placed the riolu onto it. "I hope its ok." She thought "It took quite some damage from that fall it had." Sabrina then decided to leave the riolu, and gather some apples for dinner.

    ~~~~ 10 min. later ~~~~

    "Ugh....... I... I don't feel so good" riolu said groggily. "Where am I?" The riolu looked around the house. It saw a small table that looked like it was only meant for one, and with little to no space two. And at the other end of the room the riolu saw a shelf with boxes, a book, and other various objects. Then Sabrina walked in with a pouch in her mouth. "Ah, you finally woke up." Sabrina said muffled, due to the pouch in her mouth. She placed the pouch onto the table and then said "So, what's your name and where are you from?" "Well........ my name is Menia........and........ well......" Menia started. "Well, are you from around here; Silverlight town? " "Umm..... No...." Menia said ((Is a pokemon....... Talking to me?!)) She then thought. "Then where are you from?" Sabrina asked eagerly "Well, for starts im a human, and I........" Menia said, but got interrupted by Sabrina's laughing "Hehehehehehe, your joking right?" Sabrina laughed out loud. "Nooo........im not.... and I would love to answer your question of where im from, but I don't really know where I am from....) Menia said. "Well....ummm.... wow...." said Sabrina "So, you say you're a human, and you can't remember where your from.......... that must mean you don't know how you came to be like this?" Menia shook her head no. "Well, it's still kind of hard to believe." Sabrina started to say "But let's not worry about that right now, ok." "Yeah..." said Menia. "Well then, let's eat cause im hungry!" said Sabrina. "Sounds good to me!" Menia said. Sabrina and Menia both ate their apples, talking to each other as they ate.

    After the meal of apples they both sat down on the ground, relaxing after a good meal. "Ah, that tasted wonderful!" Exclaimed Sabrina. "Yes, it most defiantly did!" Menia agreed. Then they both heard some talking outside. Menia and Sabrina got up cautiously, and peeked out the door.