• "I'll always be by your side"

    Im an akuma from hell
    Whenever i came to earth
    I always see you lonely
    You don't have any friends to begin with
    But someday I'm sure that you will have one
    The one that you will treasure you the most
    When that day comes make sure....
    Make sure to do one thing....
    When you want your surroundings to be happy
    Smile from your heart
    Even if we couldn't meet I'm sure that
    "I'll always be by your side"
    I'll watch over you forever
    And you'll always be in my heart
    Your happiness is my happiness
    Your sadness is my sadness
    we will share them together forever crying wink
    PS: Akuma means demon in japanese

    "Sakura rock"

    I want to see you
    Even if we love each other, why did we have to be separated?
    Now we could not longer turn back to that day again.
    My once agitated heart has now became clam
    When i just experienced love, this world became sparkling.
    Using this little remained time, we cut through time together
    Under the blooming Sakura tree, i heard your voice.
    But when the autumn wind blew, i couldn't hear it clearly.
    But i prayed you were not saying "goodbye"
    I wanted to see you, full of love, but we had to be separated
    The smile of that day, gradually faded away
    I prayed and prayed but you were no longer by my side
    If i could watch the sakura danced once again next year of that time,
    I wish i could take a picture of us side by side
    But i could no longer go back to that day crying