• Once apon a time there was a huge garden. Every flower in it was white like snow. Single waterdrops glittering in the sun like diamonds so that each flower was lit in a holy light. Gently the wind was blowing over the garden and took some green leaves up in the sky.
    From the sky the garden looked like a green-white circle with one beautifull blood red flower at the centre. A shining red rose which shone more then any other flower in the garden. Like the heart of the garden her glow was pulsating the closer the dark night was.
    It was nearly dawn when the first raindrops were falling down. Every flower got the heavenly water except the rose. No raindrop wanted to fall down on this beauty, no one wanted to destroy this picture. No other flower ever was growing near her, no one wanted to be with her. So the red rose was alone, but she was still pulsating for the night.
    After the holy light of the sun went behind the mountains around the garden all the white flowers stopped to glowing brightly. They all vanished into the pitch-black and deep darkness. Only the red rose was still glowing ,gently like the morning sun. The darkness surrounded her ,watching her from all sites. The wind was whispering quietly.... dont....look.... ,but the rose was so alone all the day. She wanted to be watched , to be touched, thats why she was glowing only for the dark night.Cheerfull about all the attention the rose tried to enjoy it.

    In this gently night it happens. You could hear the crack in the whole garden. This wrong sound made every flower awake. A swarm of weak glowing lights were in uproar. The beautifull red glow is gone.....the heart was black like the night itselfs.

    The next morning the sun was slowly sending all her holy light throught the mountains to this innocent garden of paradise. Every flower was blooming up in this holy white light again. But no matter how much the sun was trying to shine the broken rose of the night was still black. Lying on the dirty floor she tried to look on last time to the sky above her. White clouds were wandering beside the red sky. In the last moment of her life she felt like a single raindrop was slippering down her bloom.
    Touched by this moment every white flower was colored in a glittering blue. They adopted the darkness of the night and wasnt afraid anymore. Even today they still glowing into the night to reflecting the moon.