• On the day of April 11 1991 a strange man sits at the restaurant. til two guys showed up. they both sit down and have something to drink. then the strange man looks at them.
    Strange man says: You two look like a strong team, Would you like to be in a quest.
    Dude1 says: Bro we are not doing no lame jobs with a creep like you.
    Dude2 says: Sorry about that he not trustworthy on people. May I ask you would we get paid for this job.
    Strange man says: Yes with alot of money. If you like 10k money you have to do what I ask.
    ......They both whisper.
    Dude2 says: Dude we should work with this guy, with that much money we can help ur grandpa farm.
    Dude1 says: Are you nuts that guy seems to have a face of evil. do i look like i wanna do this job.
    Dude2 says: come on bro with 10,000 dollars its enough to get us anything, think about it.
    Dude1 says: fine lets do it.
    so they ask the strange guy.
    Strange man says: Let me introduce myself, My name is Gendruff. For you Job you have to go to a Graveyard that has a Hand with three fingers with a sign mark. All you have to do is break that statue.
    Dude2 says: sweet sounds like a awesome job.
    Gendruff turns around and smiles with a evil look. contune for chapter one.