• Were we left off is were the two knights encounter a undertaker that is really a Demon.
    Urta says: A demon dressing like an undertaker, why am I not surprise did gendruff sent you.
    Undertaker says: Would it matter if Gendruff sent me, No it doesn't, I cant tell you who plan this,
    I rather enjoy killing you right now.
    Urta grabs the sword and stabs the demon.
    Urta says: Tell your boss I aint gonna give up on stopping every demon I see.
    Undertaker says: The Worst is to come, You better have something to wash you self, Its gonna get messy.
    Later on the day time. few mafias carry a box in the building.
    Guard1 says: Boss this box has the best weapons out there.
    Big Phil says: Open the box and show me there weapons.
    Big Phil says: What the hell is that.
    Guard1 says: April fools boss its a dress just for you.
    Big Phil says: You fool I was expecting a Box of weapons not woman clothing.
    Mean While A angel was battling off a demon.
    Fat cop says: Look at this the news talking about a Angel vs a Demon you dont see that everyday
    13 says: Ok thats weird, When has there been angels and demons showing up around here.
    Fat cop says: I don't know but the News doing a very good job faking it.
    13 says: I wouldn't say fake today weird things been happening, The Undertaker was killed,
    does that tell you something going on.
    Con-tune on Episode 1 Chapter 1 season 1