• Chapter 3
    Daniel and Mr.Ryu saw Eevee surrounded by a group of Rattata on one side and a group of Raticate on the other. Then, a Pidgeot lands in front of Eevee trying to guard it. "Pidgeot might need some assistance." said Mr.Ryu. "Right!" Daniel said. "Go! Charmander!" Charmander appeared roaring at the wild Pokemon. "Seems like your Charmander is excited to fight." Mr.Ryu said observing Charmander. "I'll help you too! Go! Lucario!" Lucario appeared with a staff in its hand. "Charmander use Ember!" Daniel commanded.

    Charmander opens it's mouth and fire fire balls at the group of Rattata. The group of Raticate started running after Charmander. "Lucario attack the group of Rattata with close combat!" Mr.Ryu commanded. Lucario jumped behind Charmander and attack every Raticate with it's staff. The Raticate were taking massive damage due to the super-effectiveness. The rattata group were about to attack Charmander until Eevee stepped in front of Charmander and used Quick Attack to cut the group in half while the middle part of the group took damage.
    "Charmander use Fury Swipes on every last Rattata!" Daniel commanded.

    Charmander jumped and twisted into a tornado attack two sides of the group. "Alright! Good job Charmander!" Daniel shouted. A roar came out of nowhere and the Rattata and Raticate stopped attacking. Approached the battlefield was Raticate but it was much more bigger than the others. "That must be the leader of the group." Mr.Ryu said. "Guess I'll have to use my best Pokemon." Mr.Ryu took out a Pokeball and threw in the battlefield. The ball opened and a lightning bolt came down. A Pikachu appeared. "Pikachu use Volt Tackle!" Mr.Ryu commanded.

    Pikachu was covered in electricity charging at the Raticate Leader. The Raticate Leader used Quick Attack while using Hyper Fang. Pikachu and Raticate clashed together making an explosion. "Pikachu wins." Mr.Ryu said closing his eyes. The smoke cleared and the Raticate Leader was knocked out. Whoa! Only one hit! Daniel thought. "Pikachu return!" Mr.Ryu commanded. Pikachu returned to it's Poke Ball. The Rattata and Raticate group ran away carrying their Leader with them. A few minutes later, Mr.Ryu approached Daniel. "Here have this." Mr.Ryu said giving Daniel an egg. "Take care of this egg and when it hatches, try to train it okay?" Daniel nodded. Mr.Ryu went off to the road where Pallet Town was. Daniel went off to the road where Viridian City is. The road of a Pokemon Trainer will be hard, so good luck Daniel,Mr.Ryu thought. To be continued...

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