• Intro

    I was standing at the peak of the mountain, on the edge of a cliff, and which leads to a dark abyss. The skies were swirls of green and blue, they had red like star in them. They almost look like a cluster. The mountain was spiked and spiraled. I was there because this the day I die or so I thought, but there were others there, about 13 there. All of them did not show their face, they had something over their whole body like mist of water or something like ash.
    Then one with this yellow light stood up and voiced. “I am Matatron and I, the right hand, the crown, the voice cast you out of our world of peace, of paradise, of dreams and in to the world of blood, darkness, and madness.”
    I interrupt. “There is nothing mad about the world that lies before but the thought that I can get to you for my revenge!”
    One with fathers covering him yelled. “YOU HAVE DESICRATED THE LAWS OF OUR WORLD, YOU LAID WITH THE CROWN’S FUTURE WIFE! You should get death.”
    I reply “I did not ‘lay down’ with her, I loved her, and she hated you.” I look at a Matatron.
    Matatron voiced with nothing but calmness. “Well let’s see how she truly feels”
    Then I see a something with red like ash blowing around it. It was her, the one I loved, Redmore. She spoke with calmness like she never hated anything. “I love Matatron and this, who stands before use, is a liar and a thief, he has forced himself on me and he shall be out casted!”
    Matatron walks up to me and puts his hand on my head and said “Bound!”
    I could not move I felt helpless; my power left me, my life shortened. I was so weak. Then pushed back, in to the abbess, and I fell. I fall; fall like never before, I saw my skies go away in the distance. Stars came in to focus, I saw stars all around me, I turned to face were I was going, I see clouds go passed me, and I go through them, they’re so cold. I start falling through rock or something, and I see a 3 year old baby sleeping and then.
    I wake up, breathing heavy I look at my clock, its 9:02 am. “Oh s**t! I am late for school!”