• Nothing Hurts Like Love (ItachiSasuke Uchiha Story)Ch.3~My Story~

    The past 3 days you got out of the hospital; barely, and try to keep a far distance away from that young Uchiha. You'll never forgive him for what he did to you. He made you become one of 'them', the Uchiha. You despised them ever since you came to this weak village. You only act nice to most of the people in here cause they were nice to you, like Naruto and Hinata for example. You didn't want to ruin there life here, so you just act all happy here but deep down you hated this place. You were forced to live here at Konohakure not with your old and powerful village Hidden in the rain. Yes you were originally born there. You got rescued, capture; so you've thought,form the Leaves anbu in a terrible war. And you've never seen your uncle again. He too has almost the same ability as you. He exists as six different bodies which shares the same mind which people calls it "The Six Paths of Pain." He has the 'Samsara Eye' but people called it the Rinnegan.

    The Rinnegan, first possessed by the founder of the ninja world and characterized by a number of concentric circles around the pupil, allows the wielder to perform any jutsu and manipulate all six types of chakra-nature manipulation. It also allows the six bodies to share visual information seamlessly, giving him the ability to coordinate offense and defense of all six as if they were a single entity.Now you, you were his charm, his heart, that they had taking you away from your uncle.

    You wanted to go back and escape this trashy so called village and go back to your homeland, but every time you tried to escape, six Johnin, two gate guards, and 1 Anbu try, and I really mean 'try' to hold you down stopping you from escape. You keep asking why can't you leave, but they always say those same damn words 'because it's too dangerous'. It pissed you off, but couple of months later they starts to leave you alone because they think you gave up on escaping, and there was no use. They will find you anyway.

    You sigh in frustration as you think about escaping again tonight, since no one it bothering to watch you, and they thought you have given up.

    "Not a chance idiots." You said out loud when no ones around, or so you've thought. You herd something move behind you in the bush. You let your kunai slide down from your long sleeve shirt and threw the kunai to the center of the bush, and you herd metals clank together. A shadow stood up behind the bush, you can't see who it is. The shadow has spiky hair, you thought it was just Naruto, but there eyes were different from Naruto's. Before you could study the eyes more clearly, the shadow jumps up in the air and suddenly disappears!

    Who the hell was that? you thought. You started to walk off to town and find something quick to eat.

    I hope some miracle would happen today.You thought looking up at the heated sun ray shining your fire color hair. You went to some dumpling place and order,dumplings(No duh) and notice two strangers sitting across from you. They wore a long black coat with this red color shape clouds, and both have a some kind of hat people use when it's raining or sunning outside.

    Guess they don't like the sun. You stare at them for awhile, but shrugged it off. Better keep and eye on them, they might be trouble. As you took a sip of your hot tea. You herd some familiar voices in front of the restaurant. You herd Kakashi's first, then Kurenai's,then Asuma's, then you herd the 'other voice' you hated. You clenched your fist not to gain any attention.

    SASUKE....You thought, your teeth tighten. Then you've notice something was missing in the restaurant. You took a peak over your shoulder and those two people with the weird looking coat were gone!

    How the hell they... you trailed, looking everywhere in the restaurant, no sight of them. You gather your things leave some yens(money) on the table and exit the restaurant, only to be face to face with Uchiha, Sasuke. You tried to controlled your anger, but barely loosed it.

    "Move Uchiha." Your voice cracked a little, brushing your shoulder hard passed him. You can tell he had a blank stare on his face. You smirked but kept walking trying to find those two strangers. You walked out of town and went into the woods. After and hour and a half you've got tired off looking for them so you jumped up to a near by tree branch and decided to wait for those two to pass by and have a little sneak attack fun with them. Half and hour pass and no sign of anyone pass.

    "Maybe I shouldn't have waited out here so far in the woods. Maybe I should have waited a little closer almost near town." You said out loud, mostly to yourself.

    "Yes, you should have." A voice came from behind you. Their sweet aroma brushed against your neck.

    "Holy mother of god!" You screamed, startled. You jump down from the tree branch you were sitting on an you position yourself in a fighting stance, Kunai's on your right hand and shriken's in the other.The stranger chuckles and jumps down from the same tree branch, into view. It was one of those strangers you saw before in the restaurant.

    "Who the hell are you?" You ask, your tempers rising inside your throat.The stranger chuckles again.

    "Find that out by yourself, pest." A male voice said, coming out from the strangers throat.

    Did he just call me a pest?! you recall your self getting angrier.

    "You did not say what I herd you say b*****d!" you screeched at him, now close to losing control.Your newly power you've gain from Sasuke, the Sharingan. The male smirked under his hat from your combat.

    "My, my, some vocab you got there. For a pest." He pressed smirking more at your temper rising out off you.

    "That's it!!!" you screeched, charging at him with full power, as your eyes change from ocean blue to blood red.

    So she has the Sharingan too. The stranger thought, not moving from his spot to dodge from your fired attack. As you came upon him and was about to stab him with your kunai's. You swing the kunai in hand, making a fist, toward him in a fast speed. He didn't move an inch when it came toward him. He just grab your fist in between your fist with eased.

    This ticks you off, but only his smirks grew. You tries to stab him with your other hand full of shrikens, but he caught that one too! You then tried to side kick him, but he let go of your right fist, making you dropped all of your Kunai's and block your side kick. He then throws you forward making you spin in the air forward and you did a landslide when your feet landed gracefully on the ground. You put your right hand on the ground to make you stop sliding backward and you stood up properly and stared daggers at him coldly. He lifted up his hat a little showing his smug face and his mesmerizing red eyes, the Sharingan!

    "Your....your..." You stuttered, trying to get the name out.You begin to loose your balance as you stagger backwards in fear.

    The man smirk in satisfaction."Itachi Uchiha"