• Just another day of walking home alone... Started to bother me...
    My brothers thought that there was nothing to worry about anymore. Seemed like everyone wanted to stay as far away from me as possible... Occasionally, I'd see either Dante's little brother Gabe, or their dog and Gabe. But as soon as I'd look again, he was gone.

    But I visited Dante every day. I would always come by and sit near him on his bed. And just one day I was sleepy and he kept glancing at me then down at his bed. As if secretly saying he wanted me there. I had just silently refused. I didn't want him in trouble. But finally he just bluntly asked me to lay with him. I couldn't really refuse then. Nor did I want to.

    I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him. He held me close and tight to him. And slowly but surely we had fallen asleep. Never really knowing that the time had been passing us by until a storm came.

    It woke Dante up, scared really... As I slept... All I really knew was that someone held me tighter than before... Also, I remember either giving him a kiss or receiving...

    But that was the best dream... All that sun, flowers, and Dante. It was just the two of us. Holding hands, hugging, kissing holding onto one another...

    I remember him giving me a black rose in my dream, and covering my eyes just before he kissed me.

    Cold... That's what had really woke me up. The lack of a body next to me bothered me.

    "Dante...?" I ran my hand next to the empty space. "Hm?..." I opened my eyes and my dream had crashed...
    'Where am I?!' I go up grabbed some of the blankets and felt so incredibly embarrassed. 'THIS IS HIS ROOM! Oh God! I slept with him! My parents will freak! His parents will freak! Oh God!'
    I grabbed my head trying to calm down...
    'Wait... they would have killed me sometime last night... But they didn't... So maybe, I'm good...'
    I finally got out of his bed and walked down stairs... I felt sort of awkward and kept thinking if anything happened that I didn't know about.

    "Good morning, beautiful." Dante's voice reached me. Seemed like he was still waking up.
    I grabbed his hand under the table and looked to his mother.
    "Good morning, ma'am." I nodded my head.
    "You're parents came last night, they said that you could stay the night if we were alright with it. So I let you two be. How did you sleep last night? Hope Dante didn't wake you up because of that storm..." She sang out, her voice was so cheerful and bright when she talked about her kids.
    "Storm? What storm?"

    Dante looked at me like I was crazy. I looked down at my feet and blushed. "I didn't know there was a storm. I didn't even know I fell asleep..." I whispered.
    Dante gave my hand a squeeze and smiled to me.

    "Beatrice... May I have a word with you later?" Dante's mother, Rayne, asked me. I looked up with wide eyes.
    "Yes, ma'am."

    Dante pulled me close to him. I felt his fear for me. But could you really blame him? His parents were nice, but they scared me.

    As it turned out, she just wanted to say how happy she was to know that her son was happy. And loved. She wanted to talk about things mothers talked with their daughters. Or that's how she worded it... 'Does she really like me?'

    "Hey Dante! Gabe! Sir!" I greeted all the men that were awaiting for our return.
    Dante smiled and handed me my things. "You're parents came... Let me take you up stairs to change... Uh, let you change."

    I smiled and felt greatful. He took me to his room and said that his dad and him had just finished building the walls to his bathroom.
    "How lucky was that?" He said sarcastically.
    "Gee... You sound so happy." I giggled.