• "Hello." the cat ears and tail guy said. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I elbowed him in the stomach. "Hey!" he said, grabbing his stomach. Lightening stopped me as soon as I was away from the catty guy. "So...Something going on between you and Cloud?" she asked. I shook my head. "Ehh? Really, he is the most popular guy, I would think every girl in the school liked him." she said. I shrugged. "Hmph. See you later, gotta go settle some paperwork. Have a good night." she said. I nodded and walked back toward my room. I entered my room and low and behold, Riku was looking through my stuff. I pulled a shotgun from behind my back and pointed it at him. He put his hands up, surprised, worried, and afraid. I nodded toward the door. Using my magic to see if he had any of my stuff with him, he didn't. I pushed him out of the door and shut the door behind him. "I have to increase the strength of my spells and harden my locks," I thought. I did, and it took a couple hours. By the time I was done, the sun was high in the sky. "What was Riku looking for?" I thought drowsily as I took off my cloak and guns. I took a shower and flopped onto bed. I did a couple sighns on the door to cast magic, than I locked the locks, which now went all around the door. I went beneath the covers in my dark purple pajamas and fell asleep. "I wonder, if I'll see Ark again." was my last thought.

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