• Chapter 1
    The wind blew accros the grass feild the grass bent and waved like waves of the ocean aginst the shore line. The winter winds were
    starting there trip accross the land yet it was still a tolerable
    temperature out side. The cool wind blew through Zeak's black and
    white hair he stood still in the waving feild he stared at his right hand
    his glove for his right hand in his left this left exposed a birth mark
    that marked his right hand. The wind blew once more and the smell of
    nature and the wonderment of the world filled his nostrils.
    The trip is tomorrow yet i have a unsetteling feeling about-.
    At that moment a light touch on his shoulder snaped him out of his daze,
    he looked back to see a girl with a slender figure and shoulder length
    violet hair her skin was a pale color. She smiled at him and her finger
    traced his back, '' cmon its not every day some one turns fifthteen come
    on back to the house every ones waiting,'' she smiled at him agine.
    The way her skin was toned made her glow aginst the moon light and
    dark sky and trees on the horizon she was a beutiful in all physical
    aspects and mental she seemed so pure to him. There was no way she
    was so pure in heart and mind growing up with him as a best freind
    yet she was. '' Your not cold out here,'' his gaze drifted to her strap
    sleeve dress. '' I could say the same to you,'' she said pulling on his
    patched up short sleeve shirt. ''Nah im use to it,'' his tone was defiant.
    She laughed and grabed his hand ,''cmon there waiting for us to come
    ''Aww do we have to?'' a slight laughter in his voice.

    ''They er late ye know,'' a big man with short brown hair reclined
    back into a wooden chair. The sound of a knife's repetative slice
    on a chopping board is in the kitchen. In a fire place burns flames and
    a big pot over them the smell of a stew is in the air.
    The light from the fire place lights the room and the shadows dance on
    the wall. ''Its alright let them take there time its nice out,'' the voice came
    from a woman with long black hair and white bangs her hands were
    busy cutting something for the stew in to small pices.''I know i just hate
    wating,'' he yawnd and he leaned back more making the front legs of
    the chair come off the floor. ''Thats your reason for every thing,'' she
    laughed. ''Is not,'' he replied back and rocked on the chairs back legs.
    ''oh really? Becase as i recall thats the reason we had Zeak so early.''
    This caught him off guard and he nearly lost his balance on the chair.
    ''Ah-well damn woman ye know its not right to turn that around on
    me.'' She walked over to the stew and started to add what she had been
    chopping in to it. He came up behind her and wraped his large arms
    around her,''your the one person who could convince me to settel
    down ye know.'' She smiled back at him.

    The wind was picking up and the air seemed to grow colder with
    every blow. ''Maressa are you getting cold?'' He said looking back at the
    girl who's pace had slowed greatly. ''I-im fine i-its noth-thing to worry
    about,'' she tried to walk faster and triped on a uneven part of the road.
    Zeak slid down and caught her on his knees,'' are you ok?'' he said
    supporting her,''you dont have to tell me,'' he lifted her up in his arms
    and started to the house agine. She put her face aginst his chest and felt
    the warmth through his shirt. The house grew closer in the distance
    ''were almost there,'' Zeak picked up the pace almost to a jog.
    Maressa looked up to him, '' thank you,'' she whispered.

    The door opened and Zeak shut it with his foot.
    ''You gotta remember to dress more properly,'' Zeak walked in to the
    main room and set her down next to the fire and big pot. A wild animal
    fur rug decorated the floor and it felt soft under her hands.
    ''I'll be back with a blanket for you,'' Zeak smiled and walked down a
    small hallway. From behind Maressa heard a voice,''hes shuch a good
    boy isnt he,'' Maressa looked back in the voices direction whith her
    hands streched out twards the fire. The voice came from Zeaks mother
    who was proped up aginst the frame of the door way to the kitchen.
    Maressa smiled and noded back at her the fire light flickered aginst
    the wall. Zeak emerged from the small hallway with a rather large
    blanket under his arm. He proceeded to unfold it and place it
    around Maressa's shoulders. She felt his hands on her shoulders
    they moved up and down as if trying to generate warmth from the
    friction. She smiled at him and put one of her hands on his.
    '' Are you two hungry,'' his mothers voice broke the silence.
    Zeak turned ,'' am I ever, im so hungry i could eat a hor-''
    he was interupted by his father emerging from his parents
    bed room,''the birth day boys finaly here,'' he walked to Zeak
    and picked him up off the ground with a hug.
    ''Dad y-your crushing m-me,'' he seemed to squeeze his voice out.
    Zeaks mother came over with two wooden bowls and spoons
    she diped a laddel into the stew and filled the bowls to the brim.
    His fathers embrace ended and Zeak tried to catch his breath agine,
    ''you hug to hard,'' he looked up at his dad. '' Well you have to give a big
    hug for our birth day man here dont we?'' His father was always
    cheerfull when it came to celebrations especially his only sons
    birthday. ''Stela hand the boy his dinner already,'' his father
    let out a big belly laugh that thretened to shake the house.
    She giggled a littel with Zeaks father and handed him the bowl.

    Water driped from the celing of a large cave there was a water
    way through the center the cave seemed to lead out to and ocean
    the smell of salt water permiated the cave. A wooden dock and walk
    way out lined the water with a ship docked and tied to a wooden post
    sticking out of the water. What seemed like dock workers were loading
    crates and boxes on to the ship. ''How much longer till your ship is
    ready to sail?'' A man in a dark cloak and with a hood covering his face
    stood talking to what seemed like the ships capitan.''Not to much longer
    well set sail in about an hour,'' the capitan wore lose fitting pants and
    a raggy looking shirt with a saber attached to his belt.
    days?'' the man seemed to shift a littel under his cloak. ''That wont be
    a problem and ill make shure to,'' the capitan leaned in and whispered,
    '' get the artifact that you requested,'' he had a crooked smile about his
    face and shifted back with his arms crossed.'' '' Just know who your
    messing with the ship your rading is full of trained mercinaries
    and among them is marcco,'' a smile crept up from under the mands
    hood. The capitan shifted a littel at this news. ''Marcco Smithfeild?''
    The cloaked man turned and started to walk away while saying'' the
    one and only.'' The capitans face started to turn pale . This changes
    things we'll have to be more carefull with im on board.

    Zeaks parents had gone to bed and it seemed the call of sleep was
    pulling on Maressa's eyes, her head was resting on Zeak's shoulder
    while they sat infront of the flickering fire that was radiating warmth
    upon them. Maressa's breathing was becoming heavy and slow paced.
    Beside the fire place was a lute it belonged to Zeaks father but he never
    used it, in his spare time Zeak learned to play. Zeak took the lute in his
    hand and started to pluck the strings with his fingers