• Chapter 11-Day one of the Forest: They walked into the dark forest. Toadstools where all over, except in the small patches of sunlight. Constantly, they heard a soft, yet sickening slurping sound. Sulk. Schlep. Sulk. "Guys.... I'm scared!" Zack said. "Can't we go back?"
    "No!" Connor and Rowan said simultaneously. Suddenly, several bushes were rustling. Connor unsheathed his scimitar and cautiously stepped forward. Several goblins had jumped out and charged at Connor. With a sweep of the sword, he cast away the green menaces. Rowan withdrew his bow and aimed at the hobgoblin behind Connor. The arrow plunged home, and dropped the hobgoblin dead.

    Chapter 12-Dark purposes: After the goblins died the forest became suddenly silent. They stood their ground. A surprise attack, as you may have expected, had begun. An oozing beast, the ooze black as the night, and a tortured looking, eyeless face was in the center. From the mouth of the human looking face, an ear-spitting cry sounded. Connor and Rowan were stunned, however, Zack had to live with his sister for MOST of his life; so he was immune to it. He took his sword and slashed the face in two. The gunk had disappeared, and the the face was mended and transformed into a theatre mask with a large smile.

    Chapter 13-The cause of the crime: They was a young man, no older than Connor, who ran away blabbering hysterically. Zack tackled him and said "Who the foop are you and are you the one who made that ugly blob?!?!" The young man, who looked no younger than 20 off of the features on his face, said, "Gah! You oont die!" Zack took up his sword and thrusted. The man disappeared in a puddle of tar, an dissolved into the earth. It killed all the grass and the toadstools grew. "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNGGG!" Zack called.