• "cooperation." "cooperation?" he questioned. after a second he smerked. "if my mother is unharmed and safe... then you have my full cooperation." "you would do as i say?" i hesitated just for a moment then agreed. "perfect." he said with a grin as he left the room. i sat on the bed thinking of what i had done. "i think i just sold my soul to the devil." i muttered to myself.
    i fell back on the bed and mumbeled to my self. after a while i fell asleep and when i woke up the girl with the plad skirt was sitting next to the bed inches away from my face smiling. "did you sleep well?" she asked moving her fingers through my hair. i moved away from her quickly almost loosing my balance. "dont worry," she said sweetly, "im under doc's orders not to kill you or hurt you." "whos doc?" i asked curiously. "Doctor Alucard of course. The man that you have to feed." she said still smiling. "then who are you?" "Im molly." "molly?" "thats me!" "what did alucard say exactly?" "well he told me 'protect my food while i sleep. i dont trust that women with him'." she muttered trying mimicing a mans voice. I laughed when she made a face that almost resembeled Alucards. she joined me in my laughter after a moment. she had such a cute smile that i blushed slightly. her smile went away and she sighed. "what? is something wrong?"i asked. "when you do that it makes it harder to resist you." she stated. i blushed deeply. "stop that!" she exclamed. "what?!" i shouted. "that! stop making the blood rush to your face! i dont want to be punished by Doc! if i even take a little then he will know and punish me!" she explained. the door to the room was suddenly kicked off its hinges with great force. the door flew and hit Molly. i was so shocked i sat there gasping at the door which broke in two when it hit her. "you could have knocked." molly said as she began to stand. "my apologies." the femin voice murmered so sweetly. i turned to see a beautiful women about in her early twentys with light blond hair and hazel eyes. "yeah," the boy said steping into the room, "we're just a little hungry is all." "step aside molly." "you know i cant just let you take Doc's food, Adah" the women called Adah grabed mollys neck and slamed her into the wall. the boy was creeping tord me. i swung my fist at him but he caught my arm and pulled me to his chest.
    "Adah, im first." the boy said. "fine," adah stated, "just leave me some Ethen." Ethen bit down on my shoulder so suddenly i gasped in fear and flinched in pain. from the side of my eye i saw molly rip off adah's arm with her left hand. adah did not scream or seem in pain. she just reached for her arm. molly ran to pull the boy from my body but when she pulled his arm he did not budge. i felt woozy and my eyes were growing hazy. then the boy was pulled from my body and i fall forward. molly cought me in her arms and said nothing. she looked surprised for some reason. i turned my head trying to see through the haze. it was only after a few short seconds that i made out the image of alucard. he had ripped off ethen leg ang took adahs arm from her. alucard slaped adah with her own hand and hit ethen with his own foot. he then tossed the limbs aside and pulled adah's face close to his. he forced her mouth open and riped out her two sharp teeth. She cried in pain as blood flowed from her mouth.
    Ethen tryed to crawl away but Alucard pulled him back and riped out his two sharp teeth
    as well. ethen seemed to be in even more pain than Adah. i stood up and wabbeld to alucards side. "i-it wasnt..... molly... mollys fault...." i stuttered pleeadingly. he raped his arms around me and chukeled "i knew having you around would be fun." molly began to laugh along with alucard. thats when i realised that these people are not humens. they were vampires. and whats worst then being kidnaped by vampires, is being kidnaped by insain vampires that probably lost their sanity centurys ago. i didnt know what to do. fear rippeled through my body. how can vampires even be real?

    .......to be continued........