• When I got to school everyone was excited, well more like all the girls were excited. They were whispering giggling and doing that stupid looking little bouncy routine while squealing the whole time. Whatever was up it sure had them shook up and that could only mean one thing. There was a new student at the school, a boy from the girls’ reaction. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw the mob of females gathered outside the main office. It took them a few moments for them to notice I was standing there but when they did they were quick to move out of my way.
    The boy now sitting in front of the principal wad undoubtedly good looking. He seemed more mature than the average fifteen year old, radiating a sense of both calm and power and he was tall and muscular but in a lean way, not buff but wiry. He was dazzling in every way with coal black hair and cool gray eyes.
    If he had been anyone else I would have been attracted to him. But he was Fey, he was the Fey who had saved me. And now I finally understood who he was. Because only one Fey had enough power to be in our world. He was the Faerie King and he was after me. Why else would he appear here why would he come if not for me. I had heard stories of him, the Fey known to desire a human girl above all else. But there were rumors that he was looking or one in particular. One girl to outshine them all, and that when he found her he would have her no matter what the price.
    He gathered up his schedule and books, his long fingers nimble as he signed his name on the form and his step was graceful as he swung around to face us. Our eyes connected for a moment and my muscles instantly locked down, his gaze pinned me down left me helpless unable to move. And then fifty girls swarmed towards him and I was free to scurry away to the safety of algebra 2 where the only way you could possibly die was of boredom.