• He drops the fake smile. He allows the tears to flow and for the first time he admits, "I can't do this anymore" he turns on his heel and walks out the door, but you didn't stop him, did you? You watched him go while you stood there, that dumbass look on your face. You realize, finally what you've done, and chase after him.
    But you'll be chasing for a long time. He's not coming back. Not this time. Not ever. He's gone. Living life, torn to pieces because the only person that he thought really loved him doesn't give a s**t. If you ask him, how he's doing today he'll say "Fine" with the fake smile that has come back. The one he's mastered. Even though on the inside, he's torn up. He's tired of trying, tired of crying. Yeah, he's smiling, but inside he's dying.
    That's your fault isn't it? The way he winces and pulls away. The tears he hides behind his hazel eyes. The scars. Oh yeah, we've seen them. Where you hit him. Stabbed him. Those scars. You've made him afraid to live. Afraid to love anyone. Yeah, that guy, that's me. The one you left sobbing on her bathroom floor after you tried to kill him. What's wrong with you Matt? Have you gone nuts? You let me walk out on you. It's not that I never loved you, it's that you never loved me back.