• On black nights things came out of the shadows. Things that didn’t breath and didn’t have a life. They were simply just things, no heartbeat, and no breath. One stood out from all the rest. She was different than everyone else. She looked almost like she was still alive, as if she had a life and she was happy with it. Some of these people had ‘lives’ but not the lives the normal living people lived everything single day.
    The girls name was Ayami. A weird name, but it was everything that she had to be. She couldn’t keep her birth name of Alison. Now that she was dead she couldn’t keep it and she wasn’t about to. She loved the name in a odd way but Ayami sat better with her. It was if it was meant for her in the weird way that she knew for the longest time that death had been for her even before she had died. She looked over at a slightly build man who was average height if not a little taller with auburn hair and hazy blue eyes. He smiled at her with his deadly white smile and she smiled back with her own. They were all the same. Only this man was completely different. He was the one who had gave Asamy her life. And he was also the one at the same time who had ended it. Ren, was his name, no last name just simply Ren.
    “What are you waiting for Aya,” he asked her. She looked out towards the building that had first drawn her attention. The one that held beauty in the most unsophisticated way. It was suppose to be a private residence, a home that was guarded well but it didn’t look that way. It just looked like a small home set back on a quiet road, with the gray fog around it. You couldn’t see the guards for about a mile or so away. It was so uncanny.
    “I’m waiting for my mother to come out of that house and look for me, to realize that I’m never coming back. That this is my life now,” she said with brisk understanding. She had known for sometime that understanding was all a big part of the group now. She took it by the reins and held on.
    “I can’t believe you still have some hope that she will look for you,” he said in a mocking tone. She glared at him and almost bared her white pearls at him, her hidden sharp teeth.
    “I don’t have hope. I understand that she will and I understand she will fail. Is that not what you taught me not so long ago?” Her words held venom. He shrugged, realizing that she had finally learned something that he had taught her. She had been the most stubborn of them all to make listen to him.
    “You’re right. Now I suggest you either get your hair dyed or you change it. You’re going to be starting a new school soon. I don’t care if you don’t wanna. I’m making sure you finish high school,” he said and turned away. She wanted to jump on him, attack him for saying that, but she didn’t. She knew full well not to do so. You didn’t do that to the person who had created you. Ren was like a father to her in the odd way she never felt her real father ever was to her. Ayami took a deep breath, a breath she clearly didn’t need, out of habit as she focused on her hair. She changed it from its beautiful brown color to a dark black. She didn’t like the color but she had to take what was given to her. It was either keep the original color or take what you got. White, black, or natural, all the choices she would ever have. Her skin was natural which she did a little mixing of colors and bases to make it a off pale color. Her eyes, she changed from their beautiful dark green to a musty black. She didn’t need a mirror to see this, she just felt it. She sighed, another force of habit, turned around and ran the way that Ren had gone.