• A girl in a pink dress walks out onto a stage, she is preforming infront of her high school in Tulsa. Little does she know there is a boy, strange, mysterious, and dangerous watching her from the crowd, waiting, ploting, taking in everything about this girl. The girl walks up to the microphone.
    "Hello, my name is Sarah, and I'll be preforming something on my violin.." She nervously twirls her hair and then sits down. She begins to play.
    When the song was over she got up quickly, the crowd clapped, and then she ran off.
    She got home in her own car.
    "Mom it was horrible....I hate preforming....uggghhh.." Sarah whined.
    "Sarah you know it's only in you're mind..."
    "But I felt like someone was watching me.."
    "Of course you were preforming, sweetheart.."
    "Not like that...I mean like someone was stalking me."
    Her mom walked over and messed up her daughters hair. "You're imagining things."

    Later that night at 12:00 her window opened, and the boy walked in. He grabbed the bow for her violin and walked up to her. She woke up and was to scared to scream. He stabbed her with one end of the bow. She flinched and he sliced her skin open.
    "Try not to flinch....it'll only hurt more."
    The torture lasted the night and when they found sarah the next morning she was dead, she had bled out throughout the night, to scared to move to get help, afraid the boy would come back. they never caught him.
    How do I know all of this......well I am Sarah