• Here is some advice to those of you out there who are in danger of meeting Zuko in a dark alley:

    1. Do not panic. He only firebends if provoked.
    2. If you are a considerable idiot and do actually get involved in an argument with the tempremental Fire Prince, DO NOT EVER SAY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING THINGS TO HIM:
    a. "You just got burned!" - Er, for obvious reasons, saying this to an angry Zuko will probably result in you being turned into a small pile of ashes.
    b. "Your face!" - Same as above.
    c. "Your mother!" - Just - just don't. Trust me, it's not pretty.
    3. Do not call him "Zu-Zu", even if tempted. He may mistake you for his sister Azula. (Side Note: This applies to both males and females.)

    So, that is my two cents. Just remember - FOOD EATS PEOPLE! And don't ever talk to strangers; especially not those who are anime and have large burn scars on the left side of their faces.