• I sunk under the cot and closed my eyes. I shoved my sleeve into my nose and mouth to not inhale the gas. I was disgusted and terrified. Tears welled up in my eyes. At that moment, my life flashed before my eyes. I saw the yellow-colored gas come closer and closer and shoved my body deeper into the corner. This is it... It's over isn't it? I thought of everything you'd think in your last moments, my thoughts overwhelmed me, and I passed out.

    Next morning:
    "Hey David!"
    David turned around and saw Neko, Micheal, Sarah, and Anna walking up to him. "Whatcha looking for?" Neko asked. David silently looked ahead when Neko and Micheal started laughing.
    "Looking for that girl, Farrah, right?" Micheal asked. David stopped and looked back.
    "Yeah... I have this terrible feeling though..." David replied.
    "David? Are you David?!" someone called out. David turned around and saw that it was Farrah's mother running after him.
    "David? Have you seen Farrah? She went missing last night!" she sobbed. David stopped short. He had a surprised and terror-stricken look on his face.
    "Don't worry Mrs. Nakamura, I will find her," David whispered. He looked at his group and they each nodded and ran off.

    They were preparing to leave in David's house.
    "David, do you think that professor got her?" Micheal asked.
    "... I was hoping not..." David replied quietly.
    "Dude, don't worry, we'll get her back, alive," Neko cheered.
    David was still uneasy though.
    "She was gone during the night, and might have been killed by now. If she is, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself..." David thought. Everyone had set off to the factory where the Professor stayed and plotted. David had gone the fastest though, being afraid that it might be too late. The group got to the abandoned factory and burst inside.
    "Can I leave these guys to you?!" David yelled back behind his shoulder.
    "Yeah go David! Find her!" Anna yelled back. The other started to fight the men protecting the facility after that. David ran through the hall and started down the prison rooms.
    "Which one could she be in??" he thought. Then he saw a door that had a yellow color gas flowing out. He covered his mouth with his T-shirt and broke down the door. The door fell and he ran in. When he came in he saw a mist of yellow gas, and
    lying under the bed...