• She woke up the next morning and stretched. She rolled over and shrieked. He looked at her and asked,"What?"
    "I forgot I fell asleep here. You just scared me thats all."
    "Ah. Here I'll go get some food."
    "Where at?"
    "You'll see,"he said with a mischievous grin.
    She got up and sat down on the couch. She looked around and shrieked. She hadn't realized her hair would look like this. What must he think of her?
    She smelled something really good al of a sudden. She followed her nose and saw a feast laid out on the table. She sat down.
    "Eat," Souta said simply.
    "Okay no need to tell me twice," Tomiko said with a grin.
    She ate until she was full. He picked her up and set her on the couch.
    She looked at him and grinne. "Thank you."
    "Your welcome."
    "So what do you normally do all day?"
    "Nothing much. Hey I just wanted to say." He stopped and looked down.
    "I just wanted to say. I love you."
    Her eyes got wide. "I love you, too."
    He lened and kissed her.
    tab tab tab The end.
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