• Angeline
    It was the night of my birthday when they told me.They told about the family curse.I didnt believed them. Sudenly I couldnt stand,my legs and arms became smaller and my body hair became greater and I had fur.I could talk with a human language but I was a wolf.It was a tragedy.I had asked my parents a million times but none of 'em told me how to break the curse.I was a doomed werewolf.I can't be a couple with Chip anymore.One day I will tell him but its too early.A year has past.And I have that idiotic vampire who gets on my way every night.

    It was the night of my birthday when my father bit me.I am a doomed vampire.I cant be a couple with Ageline anymore.One day I will tell her,but its too early.A yeare passed.And I have that idiotic werewolf that get in my way every night and I will keep transforming every night and EVERY night she will get in my way.

    It was A shock burning_eyes .Mum and dad told me its time to go to the Vampire+Werewolf Academy.Am I ready for that stare ...who cares they are not changing minds.What is THAT THINK OVER THERE?!!ITS HIM!!!!!

    I CANT BELIEVE IT!ITS HER!The werewolf.Why to me?
    -What do you want here doggy?
    -I will ask the same think batman.
    -I am here on my 1st day on Vampire+Werewolf academy.
    -What? burning_eyes
    -Its seems you are not the only person on Earth.I have a life too. stare
    I cant believe the batman is going in the same school as me.I wonder how he is in his reeal life.Total sucker,or a nerd wink .Can someone be interested in HIM? sweatdrop .Humf.Maybe a nerd like him hehehe!Oh lets see my new prof.

    to be continued..................